fellow bmw enthusiasts,

this past weekend myself and two friends took a meandering ride from austin to leakey, texas. (it's pronounced lake-ee.) along the way we bumped into a bunch of folks who were in fredericksburg for the texas national bmw rally. i met up with a fellow forum enthusiast, danobeemer, who was down from lubbock. (hi dano!) so he is officially the first person i've had legitimate human contact with from the forum, so i'm going to assume that the rest of you folks are also real.

i'll attach a few photos below, but you can zip to a ride report here.

we went to the lone star motorcycle museum, ate australian meat pie, rode amazing roads, saw alamo city, saw a bowl of bacon, and sat by mesquite campfires solving the world's problems and reveling in being alive.

right now only my photos are up. later this week i'll have greg and john's up, and i'll bump the thread.