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Thread: V12 cbx

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    Quote Originally Posted by BubbaZanetti View Post
    ok, i want one of those, i want it in NYC and i want it now. straight pipes and no flywheel, i WILL be the most annoying man in the city. more annoying than "reggaton 3 wheeled bicycle with car battery powered stereo guy"

    Just talked with "reggaton 3 wheeled bicycle with car battery powered stereo guy" and says you already are

    Pass the mustard and UP THE REVOLUTION!

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    Cyberdine Systems Model 101. It's a hyper alloy chassis encased in human tissue......

    Sig? What's a Sig?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bunkyone View Post
    Ye Gods!! I'd give 20 bucks to hear this thing go down the road at "full song"!! I'll bit it would send shivers down your spine at max revs!!. Pretty nice job on the welding and aluminum work as well. Isn't it amazing what some folks will do just to stand out in a crowd?! Vaya con Dios, Dutch
    The Japanese don't usually show much emotion but in this case, they sure did. When the throttle was blip ed it must have really surprised them. It also must have been louder than it sounds in the video.

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    The October '09 issue of Sport Rider magazine has an article on the Honda Motegi museum.

    Pictures of the 6cyl 250, the oval piston NR500, several of Freddie Spencer's bikes, Rossi's last 500cc championship winning bike plus others- and not just Honda bikes.

    Kind of a trip down memory lane.
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