First, thank you all for the education!
What I understand from all the reading is:
1. ensure the battery tender is specific to the battery (e.g. gel, plus others, versus non-gel)
2. the BMW tender has connections direct to the plug in for the BMW electrical system (is this year-dependent for circuitry? e.g. I ride a 2000 R1100RT - will it work plugged into the 'dash" or not?)
3. the Battery Tender Plus (Deltran) will do the job but require a battery connection for the plug (provided) or a plug in receptacle (optional) to fit the BMW elec receiver.
4. Pricing seems a bit wide for the Deltran BT Plus by model number. Anyone have experience with a gel capable Battery Tender plus? What model number, please?
Cheers from what was yesterday a 75+ degree day in Northern Virginia....mother Nature at her finest.