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Thread: Iron Butt Rider

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Brase View Post
    You may scoff WITH Shaw. Do not scoff AT him, though - makes him testy.

    Welcome from another former FV driver (along with a few years in an HP Sprite). FV used to be pretty exciting back in the day. For those who don't know, with ~40 car grids a first turn crash was pretty much the rule. I had a Bell Star too - weighed about 20 pounds and had a window like a welding helmet. Who needs perifferal vision anyway? My Magnum became my bike helmet after I got the Star.

    We must have lived in a parallel universe! I didn't mention I raced a '59 bugeye, Fiat Abarth and a Porsche 914/6 (scary weird to drive).

    I had one of those "F/V-We eat our dead" bumper stickers on my trailer. The cost of tires on the FV really killed me. At least one set per race weekend. I recall one first turn when a guy touched my right rear wheel and cart wheeled over my car. I got a wheel and tire in the cockpit, but nothing but a scuff on the Nomex. I rarely ran up front. The $$$ (and possibly the skills) needed to win in F/V were beyond me.

    The biggest off I had was in showroom stock. Flat out into the S's and didn't make it. I went up an embankment and into the tires. Really messed up the car. I was racing for Alexander Porsche/VW and they had to do far more bodywork on the car than I would have done if it had been my car.

    The most fun racing was the Fiat Abarth. Totally unreliable, but when it ran it ran up front. It was one of those 20 hrs of maintenance for about every minute on the track.

    If I had totally unlimited financial resources I would still be racing, but the cost of tires (except in SSC) alone was enough to cause me to hang it up.

    A few years ago I was working for a Fortune 500 company and was in a position to shift some marketing sponsorship dollars to Arie Luyendyk. He lived in Arizona and had won Indy in 1990 but couldn't get enough sponsorship to finish all the races the following couple of seasons. I was invited to his home to meet him and there was a photo of him with a F/V. Turns out he got his start in the '70s in F/V and Super V. See, if you had stayed in F/V maybe you too could have won Indy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Code_3 View Post
    If I had totally unlimited financial resources I would still be racing, but the cost of tires (except in SSC) alone was enough to cause me to hang it up.
    Yep. I quit racing after I had used up my wife's inheritance.

    After I destroyed an Autodynamics FV on the concrete wall at Blackhawk I bought a new Lynx B and started running at the sharp end of the grid. That was my ruination. Once you get to the front you need to stay there - money be damned. One time the Eastern distributor was out of the "fat" Goodyear slicks and the Western distributor wouldn't ship east of the Mississippi. I was in a points race. I got a flight to LA, rented a car, went to the tire warehouse, bought four tires and flew home with them as luggage. Insane? You betcha!


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    Well, I finally upgraded from the '03 RT to a 2013 RT with 1,100 miles on it (until I rode it cross country) thus proving I'm a really slow learner! I should have upgraded years ago...

    I'm sorta retired and have more time to ride. I'm heading with a couple guys to the BMWST gathering at Torrey, UT later this month and I'll do the MOA rally in Billings next year. I'm giving this group thing a try to see how I like it.

    For the guys who responded to this old post, hopefully I see you guys on the road!
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    Welcome back!....Re-upped, new bike, found the old post and ready to roll.
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