Hi Mike,

I was noticing the questions about not parking on the grass at the U of C site. Not putting the bikes on the grass is understandable from the school's viewpoint, and could be risky if the ground is not completely dry. However, it does present a problem if someone arrives with a pop-up trailer (like me), and is not allowed to put it up out in the grass. Putting it up in the parking lot could result in a toasty tent and a well-done rallygoer. Do you have any thoughts/comments/recommendations/negotiations about this possible problem? There shouldn't be enough trailer tents at the Rally to cause a problem for U of C, so hopefully, they won't mind letting us put them out on that lovely grass by the river. We'll just have to keep a eye on our bikes in the parking lot--who wants to mess with a dirty, old BMW? (...that logic works for me in urban areas)

Thanx for the prompt reply on all those questions that you have been asked about in this webpage. Keep on keeping on!