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Thread: Squeak in cold 1150rt

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    Squeak in cold 1150rt

    I have a 2004 RT with 60,000 miles on it. Run's fine.

    I have noticed that, when cold, there is a squeak like two pieces of plastic rubbing together. I know the thing is covered in plastic, but what seem strange is it goes away when the engine gets warmed up.

    I realize it is a shot in the dark, but is there some piece on the 1150rt which is known to cause this? Could it be inside the engine? Engine mounts? or simply some of the external plastic?


    PS I am going to purchase the stainless screw replacement kit. Figure it will force me to learn how to crack it open. Maybe that will stop the squeak.

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    My GS will do that (right after starting) if the alternator belt is on the loose side, does it do it when you blip the throttle?
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