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Thread: Ladies only MSF class

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    Thumbs up Ladies only MSF class

    Can‘«÷t vouch for other states but here in Delaware, our MSF training program has
    5 or 6 female only MSF novice class's a year. The student/ladies seem to like the idea. It‘«÷s the exact same curriculum as the regular novice but without any guys around.


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    Just want to say.....

    Please don't let the fact that a MSF class is co-ed stop you from taking one. The lessons taught and the information/practice that you receive are priceless. Here's my co-ed experience from this past summer....

    I signed up for an ERC course after 9 years of riding - thought it would be a good idea to polish my skills before the national. In the week or so before the class I was really nervous. It's tough to have someone critique you, whether you are new at something or you have done it for a long time. And, the thought that I could very possibly be the only female in the class was a little nervewracking.

    When I arrived at the course I found that I was indeed the only female in the class. Once we got started with the exercises, that didn't matter (except for the instructor, no one is really watching you - they're too busy concentrating on their own riding).

    Coolest thing about that class was that once we were done the instructor pulled me off to the side and said............

    "You sure put these guys to shame today."
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    I have a friend who set up a women's only MSF course so his wife could take it because she felt intimidated by guys. He found all the women to take the course and asked if I would take it again so they would have the course. I do know they had the course and his wife wasn't able to take it... I can't remember the reason but think she got sick. I do not think there has been a women's only MSF course since.

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    I am friends with two of the female instructors here in DE. They say the women's course has been met with great success as it is less intimidating. In fact, if someone wants to join this class, she had better sign up early.

    When I took the course, there were 4 women among 12 participants. It didn't really bother me that there were men in the class as we were all pretty much starting at the same level. But I can understand why many would feel better taking a women's only class. If that's what it takes for them to transition to two wheels, so be it!

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    When I took the MSF basic course in 2003, there were 4 women and 3 men in the group. The instructor wasn't so good and the group had a very positive camaraderie going very early on the first day.

    My daughter and brother have also taken the course and their groups had several women. The MSF coach for my brother's class was a woman.

    My point? It's probably going to be a positive experience and it's a great way to spend a weekend even if you never ride again.
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    I gotta say, as a MFS instructor, I have taught women only classes and coed classes. Both are valid. Some women find that they like a women's only class because they feel it's not as competitive as in a coed class where some of the men start to "compete" against each other.

    That's not to say that women don't "compete" with each other also, but women tend to help each other and support one another a little bit more and are more open to what is being learned. I have taught classes where some of the men don't think I have anything to show them and that they know it all. But I just let that roll off my back because they learn in the end that I do know what I am talking about and they have some rethinking to do about motorcycle riding.

    Also, if a women is part of a faith where it's frowned upon to mingle with men, who aren't their family, in a social setting as a 12 person class, it helps that there is a female only class where she can learn how to ride a motorcycle in comfort and safety. Another thing is that some women just feel more comfortable and safer in a single sex class only because if they "fail", they don't feel embarrassed.

    Either way, I enjoy teaching both types of classes. As long as someone is willing to learn the right way to ride, that's a good thing in my opinion.

    Safe journey to everyone who rides.
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    When I took the sidecar/trike class we had three women and eight guys.
    Was the best weekend I'd spent in a "school".
    Everyone cheered and back patted each other on each lesson.

    Group dynamics are a weird thing. I guess it's hit and miss.
    I never even gave co-ed a thought when i signed up.

    I don't think there is a right or wrong in this...
    Go with what makes you comfortable.

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