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Thread: GM400 - a whole new kind of moto-fun

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    GM400 - a whole new kind of moto-fun

    This past weekend I discovered a whole new sort of motorcycle fun at the Yankee Beemers Green Mountain 400 rally in Vermont. I say whole new sort of fun because it was my very first competitive motorcycle rally. It‘«÷s like a scavenger hunt - you try to get as many points as you can, and it was a total blast.

    I saw the thread about the rally here on the Forum, thought that it sounded fun and told a friend on the east coast about it. He asked if I was coming out to ride it myself, which I hadn‘«÷t considered, but what the heck! It would make a nice end of the season trip.

    I really wanted to savor every second of this last trip of the year so I took my time heading to the east coast, and stopped at some National Parks and stayed overnight with a friend in Ohio.

    Here‘«÷s the RS at the Indiana Dunes National Park. Yes, I waved to the Benn family as I rode by South Bend, IN!
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