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Thread: bing carb. question

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    bing carb. question

    R80/7 recently purchased came with two prof. rebuilt carbs. ~ owner says they are jetted to standard R75/6 settings. Do they match the settings on my '78 R80/7 and does Bing have a schedule of jetting specs etc...???
    thanks....the ones on the bike are leaking badly and these were hypersonically(?) cleaned and rebuilt...

    thanks once again
    Ashland, VA

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    The best $10 you'll ever spend is for the Bing Carb manual, you just need to call them to order it.

    In the meantime, if you want the specs on your current bikes, give me the year, model and the numbers on the carb, should be stamped into the webbing that goes between the bottom half of the dome and the carb body. Something like 64/32/113 and 114 (the last digits will be one apart between the left and the right carbs).
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    thanks~will be calling Bing tomorrow
    1978 R80/7(mfg. 02/78) Bing #64/32/221-2
    the rebuilt carbs I have look identical and have the same numbers.
    the original spec sheet i found shows 64/32/201-2

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    The original carbs on the 78 R80/7 were "flat top" bings. Reputedly these provided less precise metering than the dome top models used earlier and later.
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