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Thread: 12v Tire Pump Suggestions

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    Question 12v Tire Pump Suggestions

    Does anyone have a suggestion (experience) with SMALL design 12volt tire pump? I am looking for a compact and efficient pump for those roadside flat tire issues. I need the 12v connector to be compatible with the BMW accessory socket.

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    I bought a pump at Discount Auto for $15,= . I mounted a BMW plug on the powercord and shortened that cord a bit too.
    Works fine,has a pressuregauge and is quite small. I am sure Walmart has 'm too.

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    I'll second that, pretty much any auto parts store, walmart or the like carry small 12V air pumps. I pulled all the plastic off mine to reduce the bulk, and I use an adapter pigtail to connect to the BMW style plug, but I have seen them with just a set of aligator clamps for hooking directly to the battery terminals.

    Without the plastic housing, I suppose it is no longer OSHA approved. Just have to watch the fingers around the open reduction gears, and they do get hot, but it is for emergency use only so it shouldn't see a lot of use anyhow.

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    Good question!

    Seen some at the local auto parts for $15, then one sold by some of the Calif. BMW dealers for $20-$30. And finally that one that's advertised in BMW ON and Rider Mag $80-$90! What's the deal?


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    I wouldn't spent $80-90 on a small airpump no matter who built it or what the 'experts' say.
    The $15,= job does fine and after a year in the trunk still works.
    I left the plastic housing on my pump as the size did not change that much, but the plastic keeps your mits from burning.

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    I bought a $10 Campbell Hausfield 12V at Wally World (with NO pressure gauge). I stripped all of the plastic off and cut the cord down a bit. I kept the air hose (some people shorten that too) to make sure everything would stay leak free. I carry it in a ziploc bag under the seat. You could put a BMW plug on it (or battery clamps, or whatever you want) very easily.

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    Pump "warning"

    I bought a Camble-Hausfield (sp?), supposedly a good one.

    It works fine but I tested the gauge against two 2 tire pressure gauges, both new slider types.

    The 12v was off enough that I don't use the gauge.

    Test yours too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I have used the Wally World $9 special succesfully. Only modification I did was taking the plastic case off. I wrapped it in a shop towel as i figure I am going to want to wipe off my hands afterwards.

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    I only use the gauge as a general pressure indicator. I have one of those nice digital gauges that I check my tires with.
    You have to be acurate checking those rubbers you know.

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