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Thread: 10/11 - Massive Landslide Closes 410 near Nile, WA

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    10/11 - Massive Landslide Closes 410 near Nile, WA

    Wow! A Huge half mile Slide!!
    Just in case you were heading to Yakima via 410. Take 12.
    It tore away 410 and blocked the Naches River.

    Not my images:

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    Images of the slide.

    For those interested... Amazing slide and some first account information.

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    Looks perfect for the GS'ers out there!
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    Can't say I'm all that surprised, you've got a river valley with fairly steep sides, eventually gravity is going to pull some dirt down. I wonder how you deal with an artificial boundary like property lines in a situation like this. Do you extend the lines up through the newly deposited earth? Can you even rebuild on a slide-site like this anytime soon? As the owner of an old house perched way too close to the edge of a steep slope these are not entirely academic questions for me.

    I wonder if WSDOT will try plowing through the pile and rebuild the road on it's old course or rebuild around it and the new course the river has found for itself? They could probably make a good legal argument for an eminent domain land condemnation but the politics could keep it in limbo for years.
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    This wasn't some dirt... The size and scope of this slide has everyone scratching their heads.
    They suspect a mining company on the same slope who were in fact warned a few years back.
    Everyone is keeping quiet until the survey is complete.

    It's still moving too.

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    I hope no one got buried under that..........

    I feel really bad for those folks that live there. Build your dream home on what you think is solid land and even the folks on the other side of the river, their property is going to become the river.....yikes.....
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