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Thread: RT top cases

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    RT top cases

    I am looking for a top case for an 04 RT aside from the BMW top case. I would like something bigger than the BMW (and hopefully cheaper) I have seen a givi and found one called 'Kappa' on an english website.

    Any comments on their quality and use over time etc. Are there any others out there worth considering and where or who sells them?


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    My RT with 24kmiles had a Givi on it and I've put another 6kmiles of commute on it since with zero problems. Nice and big fits two helmets, easy on-off, big reflector profile for night riding. Never liked the look of a top case before but am sold on it now. Definately a pratical improvement over the Beemer topcase which looks cool but is small.

    Try ebay or IBMWR websites for a used one or google "givi" to go to their website.

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    I've got a GIVI with built in brake lights on my 04 RT. I put it on the day that I bought the bike. I now have over 27K with this setup and have had only one problem that GIVI fixed under warranty. The brake light contact springs lost their tension which caused the brake light on the trunk to quit. I can put two full face helmets in it. I do like the looks of the BMW case over the GIVI but the GIVI definitely will hold alot more.
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