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Thread: Opinions on three button signals?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy VH View Post
    One thing I have never liked about any of the non-BMW (HD exception) turn signal controls, is the way I have to rotate my thumb up, and move it right or left to operate the switch.
    On which axis are you rotating your thumb? I lift my thumb, hitting the cancel with the side of my thumb. If you are twisting your thumb so the fleshy pad hits the cancel.... why? Or am I getting the wrong picture from the term "rotate".

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    call me crazy, but....

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffhorn View Post
    It took just a few rides to get used to the BNW system and I love it. Riding other bikes makes me realize how good the three control sysyem is. Too bad other manufactures didn't go the BNW way instead of BMW going to the "dark side".+
    I've found all these posts really interesting, even though I am clearly in the minority (that's OK, I can handle it ).

    While I certainly "got used" to the 3 button system, I find it a little awkward and contrived compared to the simple, one-button system on my Connie. Maybe it's because my first 3 bikes were Japanese, but the "left to turn left, right to turn right, push to cancel" system always struck me as simple and intuitive. The button is right where my thumb can access it. Not to mention the contoured horn button right below it, also easy to get to in an emergency.

    I've never had a problem when switching back and forth between bikes, but after riding both for a year and a half there's no question which one I prefer.

    To each their own!

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    On my bikes that have had the single switch on the left cluster, the switch is usually near the centerline of the bar end. So for smaller hands to operate it, I have to take my thumb from below the grip, rotate it up (or rotate my hand up) and then move my thumb sideways. Not natrual at all for me. Maybe your hands are bigger than mine.
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    HD 2 button system is the best!

    While it is unlikely that I will ever buy another Harley, I am willing to concede that HD has the best turn signal system in the industry. The 2 button system is intuitive: left button for left turn, right button for right turn. If you don't initiate a turn within a specified time, the signal will self-cancel. If you're stopped at a traffic light with a brake light activated, the timer will suspend until you release the brake. If you initiate a turn by throttle changes combined with a lean angle, the system senses that you are making a turn and will self-cancel by the time you complete the turn by returning the bike to vertical and increasing throttle. I find the BMW 3 button system stays on too long after I complete a turn. If I don't manually cancel, the signal continues flashing for a couple of hundred yards after the turn has been completed. Can't say I like the single button as well as the 3-button system, because the 3-button does have the same advantage that the Harley system has, i.e., if you need emergency signals the multi-button systems allow such activatin by pressing both left and right buttons simultaneously. Easy.

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