Knary- As a professional remodelor, I have learned that the three most expensive words in the English language are: (other than anything Tiger Woods has said to his wife) "might as well". If you haven't discovered the expense of these words yet, wait until you are selecting cabinetry, tile, plumbing fixtures, low voltage systems, and any other finished product that goes into a home. You'll be amazed how many times those words are thrown around. There is no end to the incremental improvements you can make in the quality of everything.

If I could suggest one luxury that pays for itself every day it would be heated floors in the master bath. Electrical or radiant, it doesn't matter, you and your wife will love them every day. My kids lay on my floor to get dressed in the morning. I know it's another "might as well", but this one's worth it. Jacuzzi bathtubs on the other hand, not so much.
Good luck, and please pay your contractors. They work hard for the money.