It's finally happening, after too much planning, hand wringing, and waffling over options, we're renovating our old house. When we bought it, we committed to not touching it for at least a year. Then I built that studio... and nearly five years later we're finally starting. The baby arriving sometime in January might have influenced the time line a little.

She'a funky old bungalow built in 19061908 and revised a few times, mostly in her early years. A mere 1000 sq.ft. or so and with some "issues", we have to remind ourselves that when we were buying it the alternatives were less than appealing. This run down but neat old place in dire need of love would only set you back just shy of $300k today.

We had pursued plans to replace the entire foundation, as it is less than stellar, but the bids that started at $50k or so ballooned to more like $150k. If we had that kind of cash laying around we'd just move. We're keeping most of the plan for the main floor and opting to shore up the existing foundation. We're adding a modest 200 sq.ft. that will allow us to shuffle the floor plan around - closer to what it had been originally.

Demo started on monday. I found a crew that's doing the work for less than I ever imagined. They're doing excellent work and far quicker than I ever could.