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Thread: Any Suggestions for Handling an

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    Any Suggestions for Handling an

    Ambulatory challenged spouse???

    My husband sustained a tib-fib fracture about 8 days ago on a dual sport ride in So. Utah. I'm going crazy trying to keep him occupied while I'm at work.

    Does anyone have some suggestions for keeping a "non-weight bearing" middle aged child occupied?

    I already beat him at Scrabble (only once, so far), he has a laptop to access the Internet and he just got a Kindle that he seems to really enjoy.

    Tomorrow, I will entertain him with an auto ride to see his orthopedic surgeon, but I'm running out of ideas to keep him occupied. Do y'all have any ideas or suggestions?
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    Knitting, Crochett? Let him have the remote
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    You can get Scrabble for the laptop, I found it at Staples.

    I put together a marquetry table while spending 6 weeks in a full cast. I propped up the leg and worked with hand tools and table-top saws and sanders.

    Those 3D puzzles are pretty time-consuming. They are printed and then stuck to foam, so it takes a lot of time to manipulate them compared to flat puzzles. Sit him in front of a 4' x 8' sheet of plywood on sawhorses for a work zone.

    Those are my ideas.

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    Play Station or X-Box with a motorcycle racing game
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    Playing Farmville on Facebook,,,, you create a farm, harvest crops,,,buy buildings, etc... My whole family is addicted.


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    From MARS
    Buy a trailer, hook it behind your RT, put him in it, and take him for a ride!


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    In all seriousness though, you will have you hands full. After a ruptured achilles tendon, I was a complete jerk after a few weeks of sitting around. Try to get him out, even if he needs to use a wheelchair. Home Depot, the mall, anything... My wife even took me to the zoo. Cabin fever is the real danger.

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    Don't know if this would make things better - or worse! But Whitehorse Press and Aerostich Rider Wearhouse both have a huge selection of motorcycle-related books. Good luck!

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    sudoku on the Kindle

    Web Sudoku - Billions of Free Sudoku Puzzles to Play Online ? Check Out This Link

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    as an avid model builder I suggest do some web hunting and find him some bmw models to pass the time not spent riding.... a 1/6 scale r75/5 and r90s are out there to be found, plus lots of other bikes in smaller scales.....

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    I was laid up a decade ago after a bad accident with both wrists/arms in external fixators, two broken legs, neck, ribs, shoulder, and a bunch of other fun things. I spent about 4 months in various hospitals and hospices and then was moved in to my Dad's English basement apartment. I spent another month re-learning how to stand up and then walk - walking to the bathroom on my own was a victorious day I will never forget.

    Anyway, spending months on end on one's back unable to do more than sit up is excruciating - my (now) Wife spent a lot of time trying to find things to keep me occupied. Here is what worked for me

    1. Laptop (with touchpad) - this was essential, especially early on when all I had use of was a couple fingers. Aside from the Internet there are interesting games you can get to keep the mind occupied - I liked strategy and history type games like Civilization and the Gettysburg. I also collected recipes from all the friends who brought dinners and lunches over the months and used Microsoft Publisher to create a cookbook of them, had them printed up and sent out to everyone at Christmas.

    2. Audiobooks & iPod: I was unable to hold a book for any length of time and I must have burned through 40 audiobooks. They are ridiculously expensive so I took advantage of my local library's shut-in service to borrow them. I listened to them on my laptop but I am still hooked on them and use an iPod these days - importing the CDs into iTunes/iPod is easy.

    3. DVD Movies: I watched them on my laptop: I must have watched Ken Burns' Civil War series three or four times. The library had an extensive collection of documentaries and video travel guides, the Hollywood movies get old very quickly.

    4. Wooden Boat Models: I built five of them. It is pretty exacting work and uses only white glue (no fumes), sandpaper and an exacto knife. The first one I got as a gift and really had no interest in it, I started it out of boredom and found it to be really engaging work that ate up a lot of time. Here is where I got them. I used a thick piece of cardboard from a TV box as a work surface, kept everything clean and organized.

    Hope he gets better quick! And for what it is worth, I bounced back pretty well and started riding again years ago.
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    I vote for a roll-around shop stool, and all of the Meguires shiny products available. Add in sponges, brushes, cloths, etc. and he can have fun.

    When he gets a little stronger and more sure of himself, move a tool box full of sockets, wrenches, drivers, pliers, and about a bushel of wire ties within reach.

    A guy ought to take advantage of some downtime, you know.
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    A perpetual motion machine.

    This is an intricate model you create and once set up and IF properly integrated becomes a perpetual motion machine.

    There are different size kits you may want to check out.

    Here is a quick video of the finished product
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    Believe it or not, with two broken legs (don't ask) I kept my gym membership.
    My sister would put me in the car and take me to the gym. I could do some upper body weights,
    but the REAL benefit was that they had a PRIMO handicapped shower.
    At home, it was a tight fit in the bathroom, and a lot of cleanup after.
    At the gym, there was a "drive-in" tiled shower with grab bars and a full size bench.
    Oh, and the hand-held shower head!
    I would go during quiet periods midmorning and spa out in the shower.

    You need to get him into a routine- a coffeeshop visit in the morning for the paper and a cuppa,
    then maybe a crutch around the block or a park, then lunch, maybe the gym, then a bookshop,
    museum or library visit.
    In bad weather, we'd go do a few laps around a big box store or a mall.
    We also went with the deluxe Netflix membership, and I watched BBC and Masterpiece Theatre series
    and streamed movies on my laptop.
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    Get him a laptop and an internet connection and I have just one suggestion.
    Or maybe jigsaw puzzles are more his speed?

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