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Thread: K1200 Aftermarket Xenon Headlight Bulb Installation

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    By this time you're probably wondering; Is this REALLY a shortcut to just removing the headlight? Yes, yes it is.....

    Ok, next we need to unplug the electrical connector for the windshield motor.

    The connector is located inside the right side of the fairing (throttle side), in front of where the small storage compartment is. You can access the plug by loosening up the right side of the instrument cluster trim panel.

    To be able to pull back on that panel, you need to remove what I call instrument panel bezel, that's the trim piece that actually has the holes in it for the speedometer and tachometer. I'll post a few pictures of this part just to make it easier for you to visualize how the bezel attaches.

    • First there are 2 small Torx screws at the top corners, thay are T20. A T20 screwdriver works excellent for this if you have one, otherwise you will at least need an extension for a T20 bit to get to them.
      I never even removed them, just make sure they are screwed all the way out.
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