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Thread: R1200CLC Centerstand

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    R1200CLC Centerstand

    I have been advised by my local dealership that the $160 accessory "center/service stand" for the R1200 bikes won't work on the R1200CL. I'm told it's too low (short), and the only one that will work (from the factory) is the $600+ shop tool centerstand, which is WAY more than I am willing to spend!!

    I was wondering if any of you had experience with this stand with your R1200's or R1200CL's, and whether you could verify this or not.

    Seems to me if it's only too low, a piece of wood the correct thickness (like a short piece of 1"x8" or so) would fill the bill for raising it up!

    Thanks in advance!

    Warmest regards,

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    The mounting points on the CL are not the same as the C. The holes are not part of the engine housing. They are the little chrome tabs that hang off the crosspiece that is the support and mounting base for the footpegs. This explains why the dimensions of the CL aren't the same as the C.

    You don't have to buy the BMW offering. There are many that work or can be made to work. The chromeheads forum has a product info section for stands and lifts:

    Check the chromeheads forum marketplace, too, the "for sale" section.

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    I use a regular motorcycle/atv lift plus an adaptor that I built.
    It fits into the lifting holes on the bike. The only problem you have to do some welding and drilling to build one. Could send more info if interested

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