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    Talking Easy Rider

    I watched the 40th Anniversary of Easy Rider last night and as I watched it I thought of riding out on the open road, meeting new people, seeing new sights, and fortunetly have never run into the things they did, as in nasty people. So I started to ponder and wonder to myself as I usally do...what if I did run into that a-hole in a vehicle that wants to have fun by playing with me on my bike? What would I do? Would I panic? Would I clam up and run off the road or grip the handlebars with all my might and show that I am not to be messed with. The answer is...I have no idea. It's easy to say I would be a hardass out there and take no crap from anyone but I can't say for sure that I actually would. Especially being female, we tend to get the weirdo that wants to take a closer look at the headbearings, or the guy that wants to tag along. Or in some rare cases the female rider wanting to just kick your ass for no reason. I have seen that before not pretty.
    So I have decided that I would take this tactic: I am going to take self defense classes which I think all women should, I am going to be as confident as all hell, and I am going to go out on the road knowing that yeah it may happen it may not but I am not going to become paranoid thinking every JoeBlow in a vehicle is out to get me, I am going to just ride and be aware, learn risk awareness, learn risk reduction, and to avoid risk. I think finding out where you can get into a self-defense class is a great idea, learn the skills off the bike that will help you on the bike. Besides who knows if you will be riding along and see someone else getting played with, do you want to go on by and say "wow glad that's not me.." or help them out? I think as women we can be meek and timid on our motorcycles and in life, let others run all over us and leave tread marks, or Take a stand say "hell yes I can ride a bike" and take the world by the horns and ride like the wind.
    Besides men find women riders damn sexy

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    You should read Dee Gagnon's book Dee Tours. She is a woman from Mass who took
    a long solo tour across country and wrote about it.
    She describes being harrassed by a psycho at a truck stop, and she used her brain and the help
    of a friendly trucker to ride out of the truck stop shielded from view by the 18 wheeler.
    They had planned up front to have her ride just off his driver's side cab wheels to exit the rest stop
    unseen and he was prepared to call the cops on his cell phone if they were followed.
    With a full tank, she could keep riding with him until she could exit into a town or until help arrived.

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