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Thread: Odometer Quit now what?

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    Odometer Quit now what?

    On my way to work today my odometer & my trip odometer both quit working. Speedo is working fine. Can the unit be repaired/rebuilt?

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    Provide a year and model and a lot of data will come your way.

    Folks here will provide many sources of used parts.

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    I have a 1986 R80RT with 51,900 miles. The trip odometer has not been keeping accurate milage for the last month but the regular odometer has been spot on until today.

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    Try Overseas Speedometer in Austin, TX.
    Good work, good prices.
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    You can try this.
    I did it and it worked. I used the dimple the shaft method. Take your time, put a white cloth somewhere clean. I did it on the kitchen table. Helps to have three hands.
    My Tachometer stopped working summer 2008 so I sent the whole thing to North Hollywood speedometer repair and they rebuilt the whole thing.
    Good luck.

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    I tried the method that DIANEH references last week, and it worked...for about 13.2 miles...I had used JB Weld, so last night I gave it another try, using Epoxy this time...I kinda shy away from taking the shaft off the cogs, at least for now...

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    Without reading the airheads link, I rebuilt the speedo on my R75.

    When the odometer quits, the gear has slipped on the shaft. I rigged mine, and it worked for a while, but I gotta do it properly some time soon.

    When the trip-meter quits, the helical gear is no longer making contact with the trip meters shaft. That is an easy fix with a flat screw driver.

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    Thank you all for the great info. I'm going to call overseas speedometer and get a repair qoute. If it is outta my price range. I'll try the fix myself when the weather gets to uncomfortable to ride. I ride 50 miles round trip everyday and the bike saves me alot of money.

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    Call these guys to get new parts reasonably priced and easy to install.

    Odometer Gears Ltd.

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    I just used Overseas Speedometer for odo and trip failure and speedo recalibration. $125 plus 12 s&h, turn around time less than two weeks. Works fine now. I've been recommending them to friends.

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    I e-mailed overseas speedo today, couldn't get them by phone. That is a reasonable price if they recalibrate the speedo too. A weeks turn time plus warrantied work sounds good to me. Any tricks I need to be aware of disconnecting the instrument head.

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    Well, I got ZERO miles outta the fix this time...obviously, the shaft is too shiny to allow the epoxy to get good adhesion on....I'll try it again, maybe rough up the shaft a bit with a grinding stone on a Dremel tool, also may try the punch technique...

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    Overseas website has very specific instructions for packing the speedometer safely.
    Just for my convenience, I used an egg carton to put the respective screws from each step of disassembly, which made the reassembly simpler.

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