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Thread: 09 OR 08 gt

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    only slight feedback for you (in terms of saddle time). my only experience with the newer K bikes is a pair of demo rides. tested a '06 (or so) K12S a few years back, and then took out a K13S the other day. the K12 was quite a bit ahead of the K11 (owned a '94K11RS for about 50K miles). the K13 however really impressed me asa nice step forward from the K12 version. much more linear in its power delivery- the K12 had that strong power hit at 7 grand, which although being a real exhilirating rush, i could see where you would want to be paying close attention to where you are in the power band when riding twisties- an inadverdant power hit mid corner could prove "interesting". not so the K13- it was just a super smooth rocket ship from a bit over 2 grand to way up into the revs. i don't think i ever got above 9K, and red is around 13. one of my impressions, along with "wow, what a fine motor, amazing brakes, comfortable, feels much shorter and lighter and easier handling than it looks- damn, BMW really nailed it with this thing", was "where in god's name would i ever get to really use this motor?" (and i live in CO, where plenty of wide open spaces still exist) The bike would accelerate cleanly from 2K in 6th gear, but then you could easily drop 3 or 4 gears and it just goes like snot!
    overall, i was really impressed with the improvements that BMW made on this machine.
    i was also impressed with the realization that i could either own that bike, or my license, but not likely both.
    btw- i wasn't looking to buy, i just had my F8GS in for recall work, and asked what they had for a demo that i could kill some time on while i waited.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bikerfish1100 View Post
    "where in god's name would i ever get to really use this motor?" (and i live in CO, where plenty of wide open spaces still exist)
    I'd only use it between cops.

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    Attachment 19926Sorry in posting the always required new bike picture late, took a while but finely was able to her out for a nice run today through the NY Catskills.

    Spent a little time looking for place as bikerfish1100 said "where in god's name would i ever get to really use this motor?" and as Gilly said "I'd only use it between cops".

    It was difficult to do ether today, police check points, road closures and detours but still a nice day for ride in NY today.

    So far no stalling (it did stall on me once when I first got it home and tried to kill me but has behaved since) What a motor on this bike, it is a beast.

    Already ordered a replacement windshield, ( Slipstream ) to much wind and noise with the stock one, hopefully the new shield will correct this, getting used to the new switch setup but miss the old system, do not understand why they changed it.

    Anyway more to follow if the weather holds up and I get some more riding in before the real cold and snow gets here to stay.

    Thanks again for all the advice,

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