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Thread: greetings from SIN CITY! vegas...

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    greetings from SIN CITY! vegas...

    hi guys!

    just joined the BMWMOA today, just bought my beautiful 2004 R1150 r last thursday and I absolutely love it!! it's my 2nd bike, and i learned how to ride for my first year on a 2007 triumph bonneville black! it was a wonderful bike, but i'm totally digging my new BMW!!!

    any other riders in the vegas area? i'd love to get to know you all!!


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    question on my membership

    hey guys,

    stupid question here, but with the info i provided when i registered, will i just get all my stuff in the mail? like my decal and patch and stuff, and will i also start getting my BMWON issues as well? is it automatic or is there anything else i need to do?


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    Hey Vegas_Rider!

    I'm a Las Vegan new to BMWMOA as well and this Forum. They sent my membership kit out within a few weeks of joining. However, I was going to Alaska the next week so they gave me the membership number which got me about $500 worth of discounts on that one trip... well worth it! My magazine started this month and is a nice read.

    If you don't already know, there is a BMWMOA Utah Weekend gathering up in Cedar City this weekend. I'm headed up tomorrow (Thurs) and staying through Monday to cruise Utah part on / off road. Rooms at the Crystal Inn for members rate of $59.

    PM me if you want my contact info. I ride a gray F800GS with Jesse Bags and other farkles so maybe we've met up at the shop?


    I see you're a creative and a Mac-head too! I'm a Steadicam Operator for film and television.

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    thanks for the info, guess i'll just hang tight around the mailbox till that stuff comes in!!! i would totally hit that event up but i got some nutty stuff going on this weekend with school/work!!! totally gonna hit you upo for contact info!

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    Welcome Vegas_Rider!
    My last bike was an R1150R, and it was a terrific nekkid touring machine.
    I confess, I don't go in much for fairings and plastic.
    Are you liking the wind on your chest, or are you thinking of a flyscreen?
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    Welcome to the family.

    Sorry I missed your first post which was a good one as it included a pic of your bike!

    I know you will enjoy the Owners News as well as all the fun here on the forum.

    Hope to meet you on the road.
    Ride Well

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