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Thread: Windshield Bracket

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    Windshield Bracket

    I've found the Cee Baileys windshield I wanted for my R12R and I know I need the BMW touring tall shield bracket (# 71-60-7-699-573) but I cannot find this part anywhere on the internet....I'd like to think I could find this somewhere other than the dealer. Any help would be great.

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    David - the reason it's hard to find on the Interwebz is:

    1 - It's a BMW only part. There is no other manufacturer, so all of them came/come from BMW.

    2 - It's a part that is in demand - since manufacturers besides BMW have made shields that fit this bracket - many people with an aftermarket shield want this bracket.

    3 - There is an "insider" website for R12R owners.. and most equipment swaps/sales take place on this website before they ever go public.

    You might put a search on Ebay for it - but I've had one going for about 2 years - and I've only seen one sell on ebay. They are that rare. You might talk to your friendly mebbe-local dealer about ordering one, and see if they offer an MOA parts discount (some do, some don't.. some will give you 10% for just asking, some will look at you crosseyed for asking..) truely a case of YMMV.

    Good luck!
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    I kinda figured it was a dealer only item but there are so many companies making the shields you would think someone would be making brackets.

    Thank you Don,

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    I ordered the tall shield bracket online from Chicago BMW. They offer a 20 percent discount for online orders. The bracket arrived about two weeks afterward.
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