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The new center development and management of the motorcycle company recently acquired by the BMW Group has been inaugurated today. The structure of the plant in an area measuring 2603 square meters for a total of 25,156 meters over three floors cubidisposti

A project carried out in less than 15 months

Today Monday, 21 September Cassinetta Biandronno (Varese) took place the ceremony of inauguration of the new Husqvarna Motorcycles HQ, built to complement the home of motorcycle in Via Nino Bixio 8. The ceremony was chaired by Hendrik Von Kuenheim, President of BMW Motorrad, and Rainer Thoma, President and CEO of Husqvarna Motorcycles have also taken part in civil and ecclesiastical authorities, and workers.

On a total area of 42,320 square meters, the new building affects an area of 6,300 square meters, which was partly demolished an old warehouse that already exists for about 600 square meters. The building - which measures 2603 square meters in plan - it rises three stories above ground for a total of 5,800 square meters and 25,156 cubic meters. Equipped with the most advanced systems of thermal and acoustic insulation in accordance with the regulations on energy conservation, is equipped with a system of solar panels that are able to produce hot water for the entire building. The work began with the laying of the cornerstone July 2, 2008, lasted less than 15 months in all.

The new headquarters completes the installation of trim Cassinetta

"The new headquarters and its organization - said Rainer Thoma, President and CEO Husqvarna Motorcycles - have been designed to encourage development of products and to optimally incorporate all the units involved in the process of creating the entire range Husqvarna Motorcycles. The structure is designed so as to meet the expected growth in the medium term and to be integrated without problems in the long term. For example, the plant's capacity could, with further minor changes, the share of 40,000 motorcycles a year. "

The ground floor (2,603 sqm) in the center of the building, sits the engine department and the roller test bench. The surrounding area is devoted to the workshop production of prototypes and race bikes. A section is also the Training Center for technical service network Husqvarna. On the first floor (2,278 sqm) - side by side - you will find the Centro Stile (753 sq.m.) and the Development Division (816 sqm organized to ensure the conduct of work with the utmost concentration on the product. At the same floor are also place the purchasing office and the Office of Market Research. The proximity of these two functions to enable development division will put it increasingly at the center of business and get the ultimate in functionality, quality and cost, in close collaboration with suppliers. On the second floor (592 sqm), developed only in the northern portion of the building, the Management offices and the administration. To the side, the roof of the Development Division, there is an open space dedicated to the presentation the new models. On the front of the building facing the street, look out the windows of the showroom Husqvarna Motorcycles (325 square meters), easily visible and accessible from the outside is the space in which to expose the top models of the House and most beautiful images of sporting activities conducted in the world, destined to become the heart of the company and a mecca for fans of the Husqvarna brand.