Never heard of Elmer NJ? Not a surprise since most of the world doesn't realize that part of NJ even exists. The Last Chance Rally is this weekend, being held at Appel Farms in Elmer NJ - located in the southmost belly of NJ, the part where no major highways go to, and the people are friendly, roads almost deserted, and seafood is plentiful and fresh.,...h&z=14&iwloc=A

For more info: - Good food, great door prizes (not kidding - usually everyone wins a doorprize) - good food (did I mention good food?) and fun people! Weather is supposed to be spectacular! Location provides new modern bunkhouses, with real bathrooms and showers, heated, carpeted, absolutely spotless. Or you can camp if you're a diehard.. There will be a GS "adventure" ride Saturday AM, and other events throughout the weekend.

Hope to catch up with some forum members there.. please make yourself known, I'll be the short plump guy without gray hair (but with hair!).. wearing a Roadcrafter when riding my R1200R.

Sept 25th, 26th, 27th. Day passes available for Saturday, no-dinner $10, with dinner - $20.