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    Just purchased my dream bike 1200RT Aug21,09--nicknamed her Bella! A friend gifted this Club opportunity to MOA....and I am thoroughly enjoying reading your threads/entries. I live in the utopia of Lancaster county quiet farmlands w/ buggies,bonnets, bicycles and more. This is a wonderful area to learn/improve skills. However, I am feeling vulnerable or shall I just admit terrified (not paralyzing fear but very careful as I work as a Trauma Nurse in our ER-busiest in the state of Pa)of those other drivers on the road as well as dropping my bike(again-initiated x 1) Thanks for the enthusiasm, encouragement and tips ...still taking baby steps,not ever planning to be overly confident or cocky!Anyone nearby for sharing fall foliage cruises?

    ps... yes...completed the MSC yrs ago....
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    Hi Rose!

    Welcome! I'm just down the road in Newark, DE and there are quite a few local guys and gals who hang out here.

    If interested, the Mid Atlantic Riders meet on the second Saturday of each month. You can check out our website here: MARS

    So, what are you riding? Post a picture or two.

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    Duh! Nevermind! I reread and know what you're riding.

    But post a pic!

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    Welcome to the forum Rose.

    Wonderful place here for knowledge and sharing.

    If you are not aware there is also a womans forum for key insights from the woman's perspective.

    The garage deals with the bike mechanicals and gear.

    The regionals deals with "local" event's.

    Dropping the bike - well we have all done that, at least I have - no worse for wear (me) as it was a faulty deployment of the kickstand on my part.

    If you haven't already, take the MSF course, or if you have, take the advanced course to strengthen your skill.

    Also let us know why you think you will drop it, is the bike too tall? heavy?

    Anyway with miles comes knowledge and confidence.

    Share your concerns and the answers will come flooding in!!

    Again WELCOME - check in often!

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    Hi Rose!
    1+ on the MSF class, it might help you feel more comfortable on the bike.
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    Nothing will allay your concerns more than putting some miles on.

    Cage drivers ARE out to kill us. We all know that. Keep your skills sharp, ride with a nice cushion of space around you when possible, wear protective gear, stay aware, and you will have done all you can do. Personally, I feel like as long as I've done all I can to mitigate any danger, then it's up to fate.

    I hate to say it here, but I've accepted that it is possible for a cage driver to take me out in an instant no matter what I do right. I guess what I'm saying is that there just has to be some level of acceptance too. We've all known riders who never reach a real comfort level and end up waxing and polishing more than riding. Check the classifieds under "Harley Davidson." Ten-year-old bikes with 15,000 miles??? What's that all about???

    Ride every day. Enjoy autumn in the Keystone State on your great new bike. Welcome to the MOA, from another RT lover.

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    welcome! you made a good choice for not scaring the Amish horses with the RT. best of luck!

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    [QUOTE=RTFlyer;501098]Check the classifieds under "Harley Davidson." Ten-year-old bikes with 15,000 miles??? What's that all about???


    Ha! There was an article in the paper the other day about the decline in motorcycle sales. The first paragraph went something like this:

    "Joe Whatshisname is selling his motorcycle. He finds he is forced to do so in order to buy a new truck to get to work. "It's a beautiful bike that I've had for four years and it only has 2,000 miles on it", Joe tells us. But in this tight economy, he can't find a buyer. It's breaking his heart to part with it.

    My bike is 5 weeks old and has more miles than that. I don't get the heart-breaking part.

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    19 BMWMOA Nationals under my belt, and I have no idea what I am doing.

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    Welcome Rose I always enjoy riding in PA; what a beautiful state!

    Being "very careful" is always a good thing! As others have said, miles and saddle time will have you feeling more comfortable.

    When I returned to riding (after a 20+ year layoff) I made it a point to ride as frequently as possible..... a lot of short rides, backroad commutes to work, etc.... instead of biting off big chunks of miles. It helped me get a feel for the bike without getting in over my head..... YMMV.

    Good luck!

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    Welcome to the family. Great first post. Your concerns are shared by all of us who ride as we face the same hazards on a daily basis.

    Yes, they are trying to kill us (even though it is not often on purpose).

    You might want to check out the Charterd Clubs in your area to find some like minded riders.

    Ride often. Ride Well.
    Ride Well

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    Great to have you on board. I ride an Airhead. 1992 R100RT. Close to you in Chambersburg. Best part of this neck of the woods to me is being close to Gettysburg. Visit there almost weekly. I work at Shippensburg University and have to dodge those buggies on a regular basis. Ride on!!!!!!
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