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Thread: WI Slimey Crud Run 10-4

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasonTDI View Post
    I rode my 77' HARLEY CR1000 Cafe Racer. Yep, a HARLEY Cafe bike. Whoduhthunkit?
    Yeah ,Pete's bike as I recall. Nice. I wanted one of these when it was released. Loved it then and love it now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesdunn View Post
    You have some great photos there! My personal fav. is the BSA with the bikini fairing. Is that your blue RS? If so, very nice. I recall the Black Bomber Honda when it came out. Fast bike. About the quickest thing on the road at the time. It'd smoke the Brit bikes. Remember this was 1967. I had a CB 160 and lusted after the Bomber.
    I saw that same BSA Spitfire for sale somewhere this week, was it craigslist??
    NO, that beautiful blue RS is not mine!! That one looks to nice. Mine has been out in the sun too long!
    I remember that was 1967 and I lusted after Ginny Whidby, the new girl.

    This faded red smoke is mine -----------------▼
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    Call me wierd, but the Vincent is my favorite. looks like a fun get together.

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    I left the comfort at home.

    Quote Originally Posted by kstoo View Post
    I think that the 'people's choice award' went to this 1966 Honda CB450 'white' bomber. I think that it got more attention then any other single bike.
    It was a great day. I was surprised to see so (too) many Harleys, and Gold Wings and such. My theory is that the weather prompted more riders to take their more 'comfortable' mount. Still, it was a great day. I was 'comfortable' on my R100RS. It is all in how you dress for it.
    I was one who opted to leave the comfort of my LT at home to ride the old bike. It turned out to be a half way decent day with many unique bikes to look at. I did learn one thing; my Interceptor is not meant to be ridden 300 miles in one day. Next year I'll have to take the kid with me so he can ride it one way and I'll ride the other.
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