I have sent a PM to a few members, but here it is for the rest of us.

Our charter club "Great Plains Beemers" would like to invite you, and anyone else you may think would be interested, to a "meet half way" lunch/get together within the next couple of weeks.

If we can work it out, we'd like to meet either Sat Sept. 26 or Oct 3.

1/2 way between us lies Virden MB- 286 km each.

I need to get an idea if anyone would be interested. You know how it is, we have members here who say they're interested, but put a date and time in there and other plans come up.

So it's just the first step. Let me know by PM or to squiffynimrod@hotmail.com if anyone thinks they're interested.

Not limited to BMW bikes either. Just a nice longish ride, meet some new folks over lunch and head home. Kind of an end of season group ride.

Thanks, look forward to hearing from you.