Hi all.

I'm considering buying a set of the the "Krauser replica" saddlebags made by Hepco Becker (classic line) for my R60/6

They are like these

Bob's BMW like these:


My question (of course) is will they fit my rack (doesn't everyone ask that question?)

I have an old 70s era Krauser T-set style rack like the RACK (this is NOT my bike) pictured here:

I do have the rack latch that looks like a chrome seat belt buckle, like this one:


So my question is, has anyone had any luck making these bags fit this style of Krauser rack with this latch?

Will it work at all? Do I need to do modification? Or, is there a way I can retrofit my existing Krauser rack to fit these newer H&B cases?

Or do I need to buy a new H&B chrome rack too? (which I'd rather not do b/c the rack I have is in great shape)

Thanks a lot for your help. I appreciate it.