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Thread: Where do you stash your gear and bike??

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    Where do you stash your gear and bike??

    My garage is a standard two-car garage as far as width. I'm not at home right now, but would estimate it at 20 feet wide, but 32 feet deep. My wife's company car is a Sentra, and I swear we could put two of them end-to-end in there. So...I have plenty of room towards the back to put the bike, but like many of you, I also have a wealth of tools, and other stuff to contend with.

    I'm hoping to come up with something clever to store the bike in as small a place as possible, and also a place to hang/store my gear. I've got to store four jackets, three pants, a full suit, probably four helmets, boots, gloves, liners, etc...I wouldn't make kitchen cabinets, but I'm otherwise okay at woodworking so I can build most basic shelves or racks. I don't mind buying either, so long as whatever it is suits my needs.

    I was hoping to get some ideas from others who have had the same issue. I'm thinking of a wall mounted rod for hanging things and few shelves for the other stuff. Of course I need room for the bike too...

    My place is not the Garage Mahal, so there won't be any black/white checkerboard floors or anything like that. I'm just looking for a good compact solution for storage that keeps things handy and organized. If you've figured out a good way to store panniers, so much the better.

    Pics would be outstanding!

    Thanks guys!

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    If the floor is in good shape you can use one of these....

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    For gear storage, I use an ikea wardrobe cabinet, which has hanging space and also a column of 4 or 5 "cubbies" on the right. It is deep enough that I can put two helmets in one cubby space. It also has a flat top, which is good for storing boxes (for example, I keep my other windscreen up there, a spare tire, etc.) I did have to replace the hanging rod with one more substantial, due to the weight of the gear.

    I think this is the unit I have:

    You can build something similar, even with open shelving.

    Suggestions for the bike: Sounds like the garage is deep enough to store it in the back, just think about whether you want it convenient to an outlet for a trickle charger. My garage was wide enough that I put the bike in the front, between the two cars.
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    Bike: In a private park-and-lock garage about 8 blocks west of my apartment.

    Gear: We have a spare room. Jackets/suits hang in the closet. Helmets/Gear in a wardrobe/chest of drawers style thing.

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    My garage is used exclusively for the bikes. Cars sit outside. Gear hangs along the wall.

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    Even with a 3 car garage, I have taken a similar approach as Maria. Went to Home Depot and got a cabinet, assembled it. One half has a rod for hanging gear, the other side 4 cubes - one for me, one for the spouse, and 2 for the bike (tank bag, etc) top shelf for gloves and misc. Top of cabinet for other storage. Very happy with this solution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weasel View Post
    My garage is used exclusively for the bikes. Cars sit outside. Gear hangs along the wall.
    +1, but we have a 21 x 21 garage here.

    We have a clothes rod for the gear with a shelf that hold three helmets and gloves.

    There are four bikes in the garage these days, so no cars.
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