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Thread: Finding Who I Am Not Could Be

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    Quote Originally Posted by Helen View Post
    Wonderful image!

    I have my own Amish story...

    Several years ago a friend and I took the long way home and spent a delightful Sunday afternoon zipping through Amish Farm country in northern Indiana. It's that part of the country that the roads were designed around the farmers fields instead of through them. So every once in a while, out of nowhere, you come to a 90 degree corner... you have to slow down to very low speeds.

    We came to one of these corners and there was a farm house right inside near the road. In the back we could see lots of buggies, horses and long tables set up for Sunday afternoon dinner.

    I was thinking how delightful! this is the way to live, back to the basics... bucolic!

    While the adult were in the back yard there was a small group of boys and girls in their dresses, bonnets, black pants with suspenders, blue shirts and the little flat black hats. in the front yard.

    "Oh, how perfect!" I should stop and take a picture by have no idea where I put the camera.

    We had to slow down to nearly 10 miles an hour to navigate the turn, and the kids knew it. At the very apex of the curve those darling little picturesque boys started pelting us with rocks!

    Dang! We rolled on the throttles and weren't hit but I couldn't stop laughing...

    "Boys will be Boys!"
    Great story Helen. Thanks.
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    Oh, c'mon everyone, men drop bikes, too.
    Lots don't do their own maintenance, and not all of them can pick up theirs by themselves, either.

    ... they just don't have strangers at gas stops asking them about it.
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    trick to picking up a dropped bike (for me at least) is picking up with your back to the bike, especially if you're by yourself and no one around to help if needed.

    it happens at the goofiest of times and something to laugh about.

    My most memorable topple was trying to get sleep on the turnpike from Milwuakee to Jersey. I pulled over at a rest stop, threw the side stand down, leaned back and closed my eyes. I woke up 20 minutes later with the sensation of gravity, and both the bike and me hitting the parking lot. i bet the truckers were laughing with me and at me on that one. I pulled over at the next stop and just slept in the grass for an hour or 2 and got a funny story out of the extremely mundane road we refer to as turnpike.


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