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Thread: K bike ergonomics

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    K bike ergonomics

    good morning to all,I am looking to buy a K bike,due to the lack of dealers in my part of the country and the fact that there are relatively few BMWs locally, I will be using the net to find my next bike.Most of my riding will be short day trips(have to work) so I know that I can rule out the big K-LTs.I am 6.4" and am wondering which of the K 75,100 or newer is suited for tall folks.Since I can't try any used K-bikes in person and don't want to travel half way across the country only to find that a model is too cramped,I would like to get some feed back from the group.I have been riding an airhead RT which was good if riding solo but too cramped two up.Been considering a GS but I think I am ready for a K bike.Any advise welcomed

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    How long do you plan on keeping your next bike?

    The K75,100, and 1100 are getting a little long in the tooth. Besides wear items you have to look at age problems cropping up. Dealerships that started after the older bricks carry a very limited parts inventory, mostly parts that change out with newer K and R bikes. The problem gets complicated because newer mechanics haven't worked on this older series of bikes. That and age related problems, essentially you will be the mechanic.

    I'd go for an 11XXGS.

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    My big guy enjoys riding my K75, finds it very comfortable, he's 6'4.

    The K75 is a bargain way to get into a K bike, read some of the other threads, there is a religious fervor amongst its owners.

    And it doesn't mind a little dirt

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    the K 75 and K 100 "getting a bit long in the tooth" would not bother me, nor the prospect of having to be my own mechanic.Previous bikes have been a 1971 R60/5 ,1994 R1100RS and a 1984 R80RT, so I am used to wrenching.I know that the ergos on the 2005 -on K RS are a bit more accomodating than the previous K RSs.
    Planning on finding the right Bike and to keep it a while.

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    I am 5'10" tall and I find that my knees slightly touch the lowers on my '91 K75RT and '85 K100RT. Both these bikes have full front fairings with lowers. A K75/100 without full fairing or a k75T (like Gail's above) would probably work very well for you.

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    I'm "only" 6'-0" but my K100RS is a very comfortable bike, plenty of room to stretch out. Plenty of over 6-footers riding this model too.
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    I'm 6'4", too. My K100 fits me fine. When I bought the bike, she has a Russell Day Long seat. That got a little shabby, so I sent it back to Russell for a rebuild, along with pix of me and Mrs. Godzilla in vairous poses and our vital statistics. The seat came back custom fitted to our butts!

    Anyway, I sit flat-footed on the K at a stop. I don't have any trouble climbing aboard her, either.

    Note that I have a nekkid K100; no fairing, so knee clearance and all of that isn't applicable.

    The guy who does the work on my '85 K has no problems getting parts for her. I am not sure where he gets his stuff, but he makes a call and within a few days he has whatever he needs to get her back on the road.

    Long in the tooth? Yeah, true. But keep the mice out of her airbox and she'll run forever!!!
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    Thumbs up Long may your Brick fly

    Right on, Godzilla!

    I'm 6' and have a K75S with the low-seat. I built up the seat to where it is a comfy fit and I will try installing some minimal (7/8 up and 5/8" back) barbacks soon---so then it will be a perfect fit for me.

    I'd say go for it; I bought mine with the same idea in mind---fix it up to snuff and make it a real solid keeper.

    Early Ks are GREAT! 50+mpg, fast enough, nice turbine-like snarl, handle well (except at 5mph parking lots) and great looks, IMO.

    ex: K75S Berlina R100GS/PD , K100RS , R75/5 , R60/2

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    Look at the K100RT or the K1100LT.

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    I had both a K75RT and a K100RT. They were identical other than the engine. I'm short with a short inseam (29"). There is not much room behind the fairing for my legs. If I were taller, it would have been a problem. Either of the bikes without the RT fairing would be good for a taller driver since the seat height is high.
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    Quote Originally Posted by osbornk View Post
    I had both a K75RT and a K100RT. They were identical other than the engine. I'm short with a short inseam (29"). There is not much room behind the fairing for my legs. If I were taller, it would have been a problem. Either of the bikes without the RT fairing would be good for a taller driver since the seat height is high.
    +1 My inseam is 28" and there is not a lot of room behind the fairing of my K100RT, but is still a fun bike to ride. On the plus side, I seldom need to wear rain pants as the fairing keeps my legs protected.
    Retired and riding my RTs, the '87 K100 & the '98 R1100 !
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    I too am vertically challenged compared to the op.
    I am only 6' 35 inch inseam

    I have an 85 k100rs, I find very comfy, on long trips I lay down on my tank bag, feet on rear pegs, head down behind windshield. Two up riding is getting harder now I am getting older 50+. Ss I am putting a LT together. I bought an 85 RT and a 91 LT parts bikes. I am marrying them. This will be for 2 up riding, I have put over 100K on my on this bike. It is the most comfortable, reliable bike I have ever owned. I started riding when I was 8,, so I have had just a few bikes.

    I have a k75T with a pichler fairing too. I rode this bike to the rally in 98, 2 up.

    My 2 sons have K75Ss If leg room is an issue this would be a good choice.

    As for getting parts. No problem.
    First, they dont usually need many parts; get your oil filters by the 6 pack. Lucky for me I have a dealer 10 miles away. I call, tell him what I need, they have the part 50 % of the time. Next day if it is in the country 10 days if it has to come by boat.

    I bet if you look around here enough you will find someone that lives close enough to you that they would at least let you come sit on their bike if not take it around the block.
    Or come up here you can try a couple of mine.

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    Gotta Disagree!

    I have a K100RS, and am 6'4", 35" inseam. The bike fits me better than anything else I've been on. Quite roomy. Matter of fact, when I went to test ride it, the seller said "you are the first guy that fits this thing!"

    As far as the "long in the tooth" comment, although I haven't needed many parts in the year that I've owner it, anytime I've needed anything it has been easy to find. Max BMWs online parts fiche is excellent, and I even got new foot peg rubbers last week in 3 days.

    If it were me, I'd look at the K1100 series over the K100s if you weren't looking for the K1200. The K1100 have better rear suspension and a more modern wheel size that makes it easier to find modern tires. They also have the ABS option, although that can be the cause of some expensive nightmares (ok, maybe a little long in the tooth there). The 1200s have the advantage of the Telelever/Paralever upgrades, and about 50 more hp, but also ~60 more pounds, and more cash up front.
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    I am 5"9" so listen to the tall people regarding fit.

    To add to Sailing Fool, I get my K100 dealer serviced and they get parts delivered next day.

    I have seen a couple of clean K1100s for sale at dealerships for around $4000. That is a deal for a mid 1990s BMW. If I didn't like my K100 so much I would have purchased either one.

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    Hi, Karsten,
    Remember that BMW made a low seat for the K-bikes. You mostly see them on K75's. The last couple of years for the K75 ('94-'95), a lot of the basic bikes had the low seats. If there are no side covers and there is a big rubber cover which clips (and bolts, in the back) to fittings on the tank and extends down to clip to the frame, it is the low seat. At 6'4", you might be more comfortable with the normal seat. I got a bargain on my K75A/3 because the PO could not take the ergonomics. He did not know it was a low seat and, instead of finding and mounting a normal seat, he sold the bike.
    Ride Safe,
    Phil Marvin - El Paso, TX
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    '95 K75RTP

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