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Thread: RT Headlights Aimed Too High?

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    RT Headlights Aimed Too High?

    5,000 miles on my '09 RT.

    When I ride at night, I can see my headlights illuminating the reflective overhead freeway signs. The nearby cars don't do this, which leads me to believe that my headlights may be aimed improperly. Been this way since new.

    Any words of wisdom? Could this be normal? I seem to remember that the proper procedure for aiming auto headlights is a bit involved, requiring specialized equipment, more than just a level driveway and garage door, which I don't have anyway.

    I would hope that the headlights would come properly aimed from the dealer, but who knows?

    Increasing rear spring preload helps a little, but does not eliminate the problem.

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    Check your manual for the location of the headlight adjustment lever. It is on the left inside of the front fairing and is used to raise or lower the headlight assembly if you are carrying a load or passenger. It has two positions, yours might be set on the higher of the two and its easy to flip it over to the lower and vice versa.


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    Wow, Jeff, I didn't know there was such a lever. I'll check it out.


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    wow I had the same problem when I put a lowering Shock in so what Did I Do?
    if you pull off the left side mirrior hang on to it it will come right out after a little tug and when you look in there is a hex head plastic screw that runs the vertical control and on the left side there is the same screw that runs the horizontal control so I used a 12mm socket (beacause it is easier to hold on too) few turns moves it,so know you now where the adjusters are now follow the MOM (motocycle owner manual) and Good Luck!
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    R1200RT Headlight Adjustments

    Unfortunately, the owner's manual doesn't tell the whole story.

    Quoted from the thread linked below:

    Here's what I found out.. There are two adjustments on the RT, one on the bottom right (looking over the Speedo/Tach, and one on the top left. The one on the bottom right will change the beam left / right and the one on the top left does the up/down. I had the same problems you describe, but a few trys with a 12 MM socket and mine settled right down.. On the upper left one, there is a lever that will adjust for two up riding. It lowers the beam to compensate for the rear settling lower.. The owners manual describes it so be sure (if you intend to use it) that it is positioned properly while you adjust..
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    Smile R1200RT Headlight Aiming

    Once you find the Headlight Module elevating screw, use a 13mm socket with a 3" extension on your ratchet wrench to turn the adjuster CW (clockwise) to RAISE the headlight, or CCW (counter-clockwise) to LOWER the headlight. How much you'll need to turn it depends on how much adjustment it needs!

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    Smile R1200RT Headlight Aiming

    Ideally you should be sitting on your bike while your assistant makes the adjustments, but don't let the bike sit idling for much more than a few minutes: She can overheat and melt things. Better to aim the bike towards a wall, note where the headlight falls on the wall, shut off the engine, make an adjustment, restart the bike, note where the headlight now falls on the wall, shut off the engine again, make another adjustment, repeat until satisfied with the aim. What a fantastic motorcycle the R1200RT is! Thanks BMW.

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    Turn the adjuster, go for a ride. I set mine so it will not shine into the back window car on low beam. It still illuminates the signs on the side.

    I set my spring preload so the light shines the same as before I was loaded.


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