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Thread: BMW BIkers of Metro Washington Oktoberfest

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    BMW BIkers of Metro Washington Oktoberfest

    Went riding last weekend thru the hills and mountains of Upper Md on my way to the BMWBMW Oktoberfest. I'm working on a full report but in the meantime I thought I'd post a few pics taken along the way and at the fest itself till I finish the report.

    First: a pic taken on Rt. 40 north bound as I entered the foothills of the Catoctin Mountains on my way up. Although it was a gray sort of day, the air was rich with the smells of fall, the temps cool and pleasant, the roads mostly empty as i wound my way down quiet umarked back roads.

    and this one taken around 5:30AM Sunday of the bikes lined up under the cover of a large open meeting hall using just the single overhead light.

    Rather like this one!
    More to come....


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    Two excellent photos! Particularly like the bikes lined up.......looking forward to your full report.
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