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Thread: Gleeful new member checks in

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    Gleeful new member checks in

    Hooo, boy, folks, we got us a REAL newbie here! Just got my BMW-MOA new member package in the mail today, couldn't wait to get on and start posting. Especially to chat a little bit about painting matters over there on the Airhead Forum...Just got my first BMW, whether car or bike, and it's a 1978 R100/ a used RT fairing to put on it...the bike's in great condition, the fairing needs some work, and it's not just a bolt-on installation! But that's ok...I like fabbing here and there.

    I'm a long time Hog rider...since 1968, owned 'em since 1974...still got one that a buddy and I built 18 years ago, I rebuilt it a year ago, and I'm a-gonna keep it! I can already tell ya that there are some things that Harley simply does better... like handlebar mounting, and access to the oil filter! Both of those little things have caused me a bit...maybe more than a bit...of annoyance! But ya can't argue with the quality of that /7...

    The GF simply raves about the comfort of the /7, and it has the stock seat and back rest...and it runs like a sewing machine, and my fellow Hog riders are beginning to snicker a little bit at me...however, that's okay, since I wanted a project bike that was diametrically opposed to what I've been riding up to now... Back in the day, I yearned for a R110RT, and in those days, they were the most expensive bike I'm building my version of one today...

    So, I hope to participate in the forums, I hope to learn a lot from some far more informed individuals than I, and I hope that I'll be able to bring my own knowledge of automotive refinishing to the table to share with all y'alls!!!

    Vance Johnson
    Fillmore, Southern California (NOT LA!)

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    From MARS
    Vance, welcome to the club. I look forward to reading more of your post!

    I don't doubt that you'll get a warm welcome down in the Airheads forum. We all like to tinker.


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    Glad to have you! The forums are fun and interesting ,and a place to learn a thing or two.

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    Thanks, gents...I've found that all to be exactly the case in other forums I have participated in...Just have to hold my tongue a little bit when folks come on and ask questions that they should have gotten from the shop manual they should have gotten!!!!

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    2 Wheeled Troubador oldhway's Avatar
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    Nov 2005
    Welcome Yarddog. I have a 1995 R100RT. The last year they made them. if we ever meet up out on the road, we'll have to park them tail to tail like bookends of an era.

    Welcome to the Forum, look forward to hearing how your project develops.
    Steve Marquardt

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    Well, it's not gonna be a true RT clone...not gonna put the rear fairing on it...the GF loves the seat that's on it, so, other than maybe getting a new cover for it eventually, I think I'll keep it, plus I like the old style /7 fender...

    The first time I went into our local brick and mortar store, RPM Cycles in Ventura, the gal behind the counter immediately corrected me when I referred to it by model number...she told me it's called a 'Mighty /7'!

    Although it's a gorgeous very, very dark green, I think I'll go

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