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Thread: RTW Summer 2011... EPIC

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    Cool RTW Summer 2011... EPIC

    Hello Everyone!

    I am a recent add-on to the community and am loving it.

    My goal is this. I will embark on the most epic of epic journeys. I am going to ride a motorcycle around the world, two up, starting the summer of 2011 and ending when I complete my circumnavigation of the planet.

    Starting just north of Seattle Wa, heading north to the Arctic Circle. I'll turn around and come down the east side of Canada and the USA, south through Mexico and every country of Central America. I'll skip Columbia and ride to the bottom of the world, aka, Ushuaia Argentina. I'll then ride east to Rio, Brazil and ship the bike to South Africa.

    I'll ride all the way to the Morocco, ferry to Spain, ride to northern Europe, across eastern Europe and east/south across the "stans" and down through Nepal and India, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and China (missing some).

    I'll then ship the bike to Australia, ride most of the way around, ship to New Zealand, ride from bottom to top, and ship it home.

    What are your thoughts everyone? Many thousands of miles, 60+ countries, 15+ months, and one happy guy and his girl.

    I'm open to EVERY thing that you guys/gals have to say. As my previous International business professor would say, "Any questions, comments, concerns, compliments or complaints?"

    Thanks in advance everyone.

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    You may want to go to the Hubb at Horizons Unlimited.
    That is a contact point for people on their RTW,s with a lot of information.

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    Thumbs up Welcome

    Welcome to the forum.

    I think your journey will be wonderful and doable.

    Columbia is safer than you may think. There are HU residents there that will assist you and their BMW dealers are very helpful. BTW you might have a motorcycle club to escort you to the borders if you are uncertain, they did that for someone recently. Plus I knew many riders including women riding solo that had no problems there.

    It might be easier to ship from Buenos Aires. will help you, their web site was designed by MOAer Simon Thomas. There is a tour operator in Brazil that may help you with routing, he usually attends our rallies and has assisted non-customers of his if they are in Brazil. I have to find his business card.

    Not sure about shipping into had a French government and I just think of inefficiency, waits, and bribes. The people are friendly and the food is good. Check the Horizons Unlimited site, also the UKGSers who have many of their members making raids to north Africa who have it down to a science. Those two sites you ought to join for networking, everyone is helpful because they all needed help somewhere from those that been there, furthermore there are HU communities in those countries that will help you.

    The Stans are doable but you will have to go through part of China with a guide to get into India over one of the high mountain passes unless the US wins the war. I know someone in Delhi that can guide you there and knows northern India. Lisa and Simon Thomas are heading that way, ; who are currently in Mongolia. And its snowing in the Stans to the south so be mindful of early seasonal changes. Hubert is the region also . Both of them can help you once they are sorted and rested.

    I am not sure about big bikes in Burma ( that's the old name ) something about a tax due to bike size and hatred towards Americans, I need to update my source. When you are in the EU I will direct you to the President of the Provonce Club who just did the Oz-Nam-Nepal-Stan route (maybe you could just reverse their route). I would give you their email but I think they are in Africa now. Also the Tour-a-Tec Rep in the Czech Republic has waypoints in going east to Mongolia or even the Stans and the shop would be a nice stop as you go east.

    I will sit down and send you a list of contacts that I have used and what friends have provided towards my collection. I am busy this month to do the job for you the right way.

    Oh, you are welcomed to stay here as you go down the US east coast many of those that RTWs have stayed here thus providing me with the inside info.

    All the best and a big welcome to the forum.
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    All I can say is, wish I was going with you! Sounds like a great trip.

    This probably would go better in Ride Reports if you plan on keeping it going as a log of your adventures (I hope you do) keep us informed as the trip develops.
    Steve Marquardt

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    Moved over for better visibility

    on your epic - sounds like an incredible journey!!
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