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Thread: Dainese leathers

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    Dainese leathers

    Would appreciate any advice regarding Dainese leathers, particularly the "Luce" 2-piece suit.


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    Dianese leathers

    I can't help you with the leathers, but I do have the Dry Line
    jacket and pants and I like them very much. They are warm and
    comfortable to wear. I find them much more comfortable to wear than the BMW Airflow II suit that I have. I am thinking of pulling
    the liner out of my Dianese pants to wear in the summer because they are so much more comfortable.

    I also have the Dianese Gore-tex boots and they are very nice
    and comfortable as well. I am not sure how water proof they are
    as I have not been caught in a very hard rain so far.


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    I cant commnt directly about the Dainese Leathers, but I can say I really like the Combintion of AGV Sport jacket and First Gear pants I have. When I see pro racers sporting textile suits, I will consider them for my needs. I wear leathers about 90 percent of the time, and mesh when it gets really hot.
    I would recommend zipper vetilation over perforated leather. It works to move air about as well, and perforated leather gets mighty cold in winter
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