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    Old Member , New Location, Washington

    I'm moving, Dallas/Fort Worth to Vancouver,Washington

    I expect I'll be there in the later part of Sept,

    I'd love to stumble into a tech day somewhere in the area, to watch, learn,question all about service on my 1999 R1100RT.

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    Welcome to the beautiful Pacific NW...don't forget to bring your rain gear! Think you'll enjoy some of our cool backroads...I'm originally from Nevada, took awhile to get the desert dust off, but now I enjoy the heck out of it!

    Seems over the years I've seen quite a few posts by the Portland area riders, you should be able to easily hook up with them, do believe there've been a few tech sessions down that a ways....if you don't mind the long trek to Oregon.


    Bill J

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    Welcome to the PNWet and lousy traffic. I whimped out today and drove the truck because the radar showed rain all over the place, hardly got a drop on the windshield on the way in...

    How long have you had your bike? How many miles? What do you want to do to it (change plugs?, synch TB's?, Valve adjust?, rebuild the tranny?) Most maintenance on these bikes is so easy to do it's almost a pleasure to work on.
    Brian - Everett, WA
    99 R1100RT - Got Kewl-Aid? IBA - SS1K's, BBG
    I started out with nothing and I still have most of it left!

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    My bmw

    I bought the bike new in June 1999 from BMW of Fort Worth, currently have 69,000 miles on it, it's coming up on another service. I'd like to learn how to do valves, fuel injection, throttle sync. I love riding this bike, just the expense of dealer service is killing me.

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    Hey the basic maintenance you want/need is very simple in fact if you do a search on the items you mentioned you could probably gleen enough info from this website to do it on your own.

    The actual pulling the tupperware off is the most time consuming part of the entire job and that is really simple if you have any tools. If you've never done any wrenching you can "host your own" tech day and let folks know what you'd like done and they'll help you get it done. Just put out a date, time, and addy and have some beer or breakfast munchies/coffee and you'll most likely have a number of folks show up to help you through the initial work and from then on you can do it yourself. For a valve adjust you probably want to have the bike at your place so it's cold in the morning to work on. If you want to just observe then go to someone else's valve adjust party as their bike will be cold.

    If you feel like riding I'll let you know the next time I work on my bike and you can ride up (~3-4 hrs one way) depending on your style. I doubt it'll be anytime soon as I'm riding my bike daily and it's running like a tractor ummm... sewing machine
    Brian - Everett, WA
    99 R1100RT - Got Kewl-Aid? IBA - SS1K's, BBG
    I started out with nothing and I still have most of it left!

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    Yo Tex...

    Here's a online rag for the PNW:

    This should help you get acclimated to the PNW.


    ~ Jim

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    You will find some pretty decent riding on Vancouver Island and up to Prince Rupert then over to the Cassiar or back down to the Fraiser Canyon. loads of new country to explore... come to Alaska by Ferry and ride the highway.
    Your invited.

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