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Thread: Gaining Confidence in Wrenching

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    Gaining Confidence in Wrenching

    After six months of trying to solve an intermittent brake failure problem I replaced the front ABS sensor on my 04 1150 Gs myself and solved the problem. Dealer computer could not figure it out so I feel pretty good. Add that to fixing my own flat on my 1970 r60/5, replacing a broken turn signal on the Gs changing all the fluids on both and the tires and brakes makes me feel pretty good about my wrenching abilities. These bikes are not that hard to work on once you get into it and take your time. Other than a few stripped bolts and a few bruised knuckles I got it done. Can't imagine how much money I saved over dealer service.

    Brett Endress
    Altoona PA

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    Welcome to the club! I couldnt imagine letting anyone work on my vehicles when I can do it myself. I never worry about it because I have seen the experts screw things up just as much as I have!

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    Congrats. I have found that most things are not that complicated to do yourself, but I'm exceptionally handy I admit.

    I learn by doing. If you get into it, you learn and your skills improve with each project. Even if you can't fix it, you can always punt and take it to a pro.

    The best way I find to learn this stuff is:

    1) Books (internet, etc.)--You can read about almost any job long before you do it.
    2) A skilled buddy--very nice to have! (Even if an internet buddy).
    3) Determination--Don't give up too soon
    4) Time--If you need it fixed fast, the time pressure can turn a fun project to a chore.
    Rob C. , Raleigh, NC
    '10 R12RT, R90/6
    2007 CBR600RR & 09 V-Star
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    when I first got my RT, I didn't think I could work on it because of all the plastic. now I can have all the plastic removed in less than 5 minutes. all it took was practice, and an cordless drill w/ 3mm & 4mm bits.

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