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Thread: Lubing Spline by removing starter

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    Angry Lubing Spline by removing starter

    I am having a shifting problem on my '02 R1150RT. I have heard that you can get some lube on the spline by removing the starter. Anybody heard anything on this?

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    spline loob

    Yes, there are couple of people who say this can be done using a thinned out moly lube and a long needle/hose in a syringe.
    Unfortunately, there are a bunch of other people, who are very fine mechanics, who say it won't do any good, and can end up fouling the clutch.

    I am a firm resident of the 'can't be done' clique.

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    First queston is, what is your shifting problem? All the gears? 1st to 2nd? 2nd to
    3rd? Do you have issues with "false neutrals" between the gears?

    Is the clutch properly set up, that is, no clutch drag when you are shifting. How about your technique with a dry clutch and a typical Oilhead 5-speed tranny?

    Do you pre-load the shift lever before you shift. Do you only use about 1/3 of the clutch lever travel as you chop the throttle at the same time for each shift. This all makes a difference in accurate shifting on Oilheads.
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