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Thread: Trading up from '02 1150rt

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    Trading up from '02 1150rt

    I'm thinking about trading up from my '02 1150rt to a newer version. What are the additions on the 1150 in '04? And would it be worth the trade unless I went to the 1200?

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    virtually no difference in the various years of the 1150s other than in 2004 they went to twin sparks. That said, go for the 1200. A far, far better machine in every way. I had a 2003 R1150R and traded for a 2008 R1200R. I love the bike. Lighter, more power, better handling, much bigger bags, and an improved electrical system (can/bus--the luddites hate it, like they do for all new things).

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    You are struggling with the same question I had last year. I bought my '02 R1150RT with ~ 20K miles. It surged despite meticulous tuning and a Techlusion fuel management add-on. That, coupled with a seemingly-higher-than-expected FD and tranny output shaft spline failure, I jumped on a nice '04 with 12K miles. It runs much better with no surge. After another 12K miles I am very happy!
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