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Thread: New Member - Las Vegas... Baby! (pic)

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    Las Vegas Baby!

    New Member - Las Vegas... Baby! (pic)


    My name is Robert from Las Vegas and I ride the F800GS pictured below. If my bike looks familiar to you, it is the "F800GS poster child" for Jesse Bags on their sales site and trade shows. That photo was seven months, 8500 miles, a lot of Farkles and a few "naps" ago.

    I came from bike / MTB racing and this is my first bike with a motor other than my own two legs... I'm lovin' it!

    So far I've done several trips through Death Valley including a four day trip there that included Saline Valley Rd, Scotty's Castle, Furnace Creek Wash, Bishop, CA and Panamint Springs. I've also ridden up the CA coast through Big Sur, down to Big Bear and just came back from eight days riding in Alaska (Alaska was an F800GS rental).

    Basically I joined BMWMOA just for the discounts and the rental discount in Alaska at AKRider paid for my membership a few times over. My first copy of the BMW magazine came today and I'm already marking my calendar for the Cedar City, UT weekend later this month and the Rally in Redmond next year.

    Professionally I'm a Steadicam and Specialty Camera Operator for film and television. If you've seen the Country Music Awards, Shark Week, anything with Vegas aerials or even MTV Cribs you've probably seen my work.

    I'm all about the gov't keeping their noses out of our business and the 2nd Amendment!

    C'mon out to Vegas, ride or rent and lets go for a ride!


    My bike seven months ago:

    My rental in Alaska two week ago on the Denali Highway near Tangle River:

    Me, my bike and our Death Valley Welcoming Committee!

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    Welcome Robstar - a true celebrity!!

    Awesome welcoming committee you got there!

    I've always enjoyed riding off road and from the looks of it you got all you need.

    By the way, great pictures but that would be expected from you.

    Looks like you could write up a great ride report with some awesome photography.

    Welcome and check in often.

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    Not only is your bike a "poster child", your is an fine example of how to introduce yourself, complete with pics. Good job.

    Now about the welcoming committee ..................

    Looking forward to reading some of your ride reports and more of those great pictures.

    Welcome to the family.
    Ride Well

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    welcome Mr. RobStar.

    I admire you for your wonderful intro. Beautiful pictures.
    I will practice my english until I am almost as good as you are with words. I do, however, feel a little proud by knowing how much joy that little thing brings to you that was build in my country

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