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Thread: Disgruntled New Member...

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    Quote Originally Posted by orbitangel View Post

    After six pages and nearly eighty posts, Mr. Hudsonriver has not ONCE made the slightest gesture to reach for a single one of the many olive branches which have been extended in his direction. Not ONE single time.

    Charlie - BMWMOA 18876
    I noticed that too. I think it is time we hunt down Mr Hudsonriver and FORCE him
    to appreciate what a great group this is!
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    All right everybody, let's not take ourselves to seriously here.

    Hopefully hudsonriver understands the slightly demented sense of humor we have around here sometimes. I will re0iterate what I said before:

    Welcome to the Club and forum! If you do want a pin, we will get you one. If you are just pulling our leg, you done one heck of a job based on the number of views and posts. Good on you.

    Now I think it's time to put this one to bed.

    Thread closed.
    Steve Marquardt

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