The S 1000 RR show-n-tell at Blackhawk Farms Raceway yesterday was a total blast. Most importantly, it was GREAT weather! Nate took his HP2 race bike out for his first session in the A group to learn the track (he'd never been to Blackhawk before), then rode the stock S 1000 RR (grey, with taped-up mirrors and lights) in subsequent sessions. That bike is nuts - faster and better handling than the other liter bikes, and there were some fast local guys like Ron Hix and Brian Blume out there to give Nate a good challenge. For a little special treat, during lunch, Nate and Brian Blume raced each other alone on the track for about 10 minutes while we watched. Nate seems to genuinely love the bike, both its power and its handling. He often rode a 2" wheelie out of turn 7 up the front straight in total control, flying by other guys. He told me the bike just hangs there, completely stable.

He wasn't overly impressed by the Blackhawk circuit, which didn't surprise me, it's not a national-level track. But he did agree it's a good learner's track ("it really teaches you patience"), and I doubt many tracks he rides have its beautiful willow and oak scenery.

It was nice to meet Sylvia (photo below) and Jack, who are the Midwest BMW corporate reps. They're the first contact for the dealers in the Midwest. John from Milwaukee BMW was there, of course - they sponsored the event. Both Jack and John rode track as well and had a great time. There were some folks coming by on BMWs to watch, and I met a fellow (sorry I forgot your name!) from the Port Washington club who rode his Boxer Cup replica on the track, and pitted with the BMW gang. (I rode my Suzuki track bike as always.)

It was a blast to see the bike in the hands of an excellent racer like Nate Kern, and I hope you get a chance to see it at a track near you!