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    riding suit

    Looking for a riding suit. I ride to work and on the road for overnighters. I would like one that I can use in the rain and the sun and the clod. But I can't bring myself to spend $700-$1200. I need a sugestion on where to look if there is such a suit. Riding the K1200GT is a blast but would feel better in a suit
    Thanks in advance

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    Cheap Suit

    Buying a cheap suit is like buying a cheap helmet - you just may get what you paid for. That said when I did my research before buying a 'stich I learned that the Tour Master Cortech 1-piece is a very dry and reasonable priced suit. I also learned that during a few get-offs the armor rotated out of position and did not protect elbows and knees adequately. So if you wanna spend only $300-400 and not $700 or more get a Cortech. You will stay dry. Or just put the extra $400 on a credit card and buy something that will do the job. Of course you can always find used 'stiches cause adult male riders keep getting fatter and they last forever.

    P.S. You spent over $15,000 for a motorcycle and want to save a few hundred on a suit?

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    Penny-wise, Pound-foolish?

    Dunk, all I can say is that my one-piece Aerostich Roadcrafter fits me like a glove, and that I feel perfectly comfortable and protected in it, at temperatures from 30 to 90 degrees. And that the folks at Aerostich were marvelous -- letting me return an earlier coat that was too small, and getting me my perfect fit at no penalty fee.

    $727, but I hope to wear it for many many years.

  4. 10-02-2004, 06:26 PM

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    Here is an option you may want to check into.
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    When I bought my 1-Piece Roadcrafter Stich, I did not relish the idea of spending $700.00, but I did and I have never regretted it. I commute, do day and weekend rides and of course tour. I have 3 years in it and I am sure I can get at least 3 more. The less expensive alternative I had prior was virtually toast in 4 years. I have been fortunate not to crash test it, but the protection is legendary
    and in many cases can be repaired, thus saving the cost of a new suit. Having said all that, if I was forced to replace my stich with a less expensive alternative I would go with the First Gear Kilimangaro.

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    Re: riding suit

    Originally posted by GTDunk
    Looking for a riding suit. I ride to work and on the road for overnighters. I would like one that I can use in the rain and the sun and the clod. But I can't bring myself to spend $700-$1200. I need a sugestion on where to look if there is such a suit. Riding the K1200GT is a blast but would feel better in a suit
    Thanks in advance
    I'd really suggest spending the $$ for a good suit - either Aerostitch or one of the better BMW suits.

    I owned a lot of motorcycle protective gear before buying a Aerostitch Roadcrafter. That other protective gear hasn't been used in 8 years.. the stich gets used almost every day from April to late October, and at least weekly the rest of the year. It has travelled about 50,000 miles now with me in it, and I don't reget a penny I spent on it.

    It's an old rule I try to follow: You buy the best stuff once, the lesser stuff many times. Go for the best first - it's cheaper in the long run.

    Don Eilenberger
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    '12 R1200R - I love this bike!

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    Thanks All

    Well the logic has overpowered my purse.
    Think I'll go stichen n feel bitchin. Thanks to all for the info, knew I could count on ya!

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    If you are 'stichin somethin to be knowin'

    It is going to be stiff for about the first 1,000 miles. So when you first get it, you will probably say "What the heck was I thinking, this isn't comfortable or easy to use?" Then it will break in and fit you like a nice pair of gloves.


    Also it is worth asking them for the color swatch kit, they will send it to you so you can pick your colors well. I also needed to get a tuxedo for a wedding about the same time I orded my 'stich so I used those measurements and it worked out great.

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    Glad to hear you are making the right choice. I got a new stich in March, crash tested it on the first trip. It was awesome, proptly ordered a new one.

    The wrecked suit saved my ass. My girlfriend choked when she saw the invoice but now loves my old suit. She got a call from a friend saying I was about to be discharged from the ER after doing a "ragdoll" along a post and wire gaurd rail.

    Get the hip and back protectors, they cost extra but are well worth it. When I was doing a self assement laying on the backboard, I knew the pain in my back was off center and therefore not a spinal injury.
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    check out Internet BMW riders site classified section.
    I picked up a 2-piece Roadcrafter like new for $400 + change
    If you have some patience and check the site regularly, you can find some outstanding deals.

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    I have the roadcrafter 2 piece, it is without question, A great suit. but you should be warned, It does get warm!! With the 2 piece I can forgo the pants on the hot days, and for days over 90, I reach for the mesh, but overall the Roadcrafter is a great investment, I'm sure there are other suits out there just as good but not many better, and the people at AEROstich are great to deal with. Good Luck,

    "I'd rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on Earth."

    S. McQueen

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    I got my first Stich in 86--it saved my knee in a T-bone collision with a Jeep Wagoneer in '91. The suit survived the wreck just fine,but the EMTs cut the suit off of me and we couldn't sew it back together! My second Stich is still with me, faded and and a bit tattered, and it too has been crash-tested but it was not cut off me in the post-wreck excitement. I have never heard of a Stich wearer being injured by a failure of the suit. Folks have been hurt by failures of their helmets or gloves in some of the wrecks that I have heard about, but nobody has suffered major injury on the areas of the body covered by the suit. I don't think you can beat that kind of record over the last 18 years.

    Now Aerostich suits can be a bit hot in the middle of summer, but if you wear cotton clothing under the suit and keep it wet, the evaporation process will keep the inside temperature within reason. If you are riding in real toasty conditions, do like we do--put ice in all the pockets! THAT will cool you down!

    Andy and the staff at Aerostich are great to work with and they are honorable people. If you have a problem with their product, they will do all that they can to correct the problem. I love their catalogs and they are a hoot to call up. One warning: if you should ever camp out with Andy Goldfine, do not accept his scotch! Myself and the Gonzo Touring Team shared his scotch bottle at the RA National in Pineola NC, back in 1992, and I swear that we designed the Darien suit that night while we passed the bottle around. We are all a bit foggy about details of that night, you understand, but we still believe that we should share designing credit with him for that outfit. Gee Andy, I know that I would be willing to settle my part of the design claim in exchange for a new suit!

    Honestly, check out the Aerostich line: it may be a bit expensive, but they are worth every bit of the money.
    Onward, through the fog!

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    If I remember correctly, wasn't that the Blitz to Branson? What Bouncing Bob didn't add was that we heard the ER crew at the hospital, after they were finished with BB, had his Stich spread out on a gurney and gave it a good going over. Evidently, they were expecting his injuries to be worse and wanted to see why the suit did such a good job protecting him. They were impressed. If an ER crew is impressed, that‘«÷s good enough for me.

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    Not being active in riding for about 11 years I was totally out of riding gear when I got back into riding a couple of months ago...

    I have went through the BMW catalog and found that their prices are VERY high but the quality of their gear is outstanding...

    I got their rain suit(2piece) I got the Tourguard coat and the new summer time Venting Machine coat which is all mech with armour in it....Now I need a helmet and riding boots and I should be ready...............Pete

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