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Thread: R1200TR Side Bags Max. Weight

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    R1200TR Side Bags Max. Weight

    I am going on a trip and want to put most of what I have to take into the side bags. They each weigh about 30 lbs. The book says no more than 22 lbs. Should I expect any problems with the extra weight? I usually pack a soft top case but don't want to use it.

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    Larry - if you stay within the guidlines you should have no problem.

    One thing to be aware of is to adjust your suspension for the extra weight.

    IF you have ESA set it to at least 1+luggage, if you have a manual system bump up the preload so the bike sits levels and reacts well to bumps.
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    A few years back, my wife and I rode a two-up, five day trip to Niagra Falls. If I recall, we ran about 30 pounds on each side and didn't have any trouble. Just monitor the cases and mounts during your trip to ensure all remains as it should.

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    My wife and I sure packed our 08RT bags last month on a 840 mile trip. I must say the factory bags are very well made, we really packed them tight and had to squeeze to get em closed. No issues with the weight though. We put the tire pressure to the upper limit and set for 2-up and away we went.
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