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Thread: front fender erosion

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    front fender erosion

    My 2004 Rockster is showing signs of erosion of the carbon fiber on the leading edge of the front fender. Any recommendations of steps to stop and inhibit further erosion will be greatly appreciated.

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    Is it de-laminating or is it from rock chip damage?
    You may be able to sand and repair like gelcoat on fiberglass. I have had to cut a carbon fender to fit on my 1100S and have sanded and filed the edges . Even a light sanding with very fine wet-dry paper and some clear acrylic fingernail polish may smooth it out.
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    hello Steve
    It looks like a rock may have started the issue and it is spreading a bit. I want to stop it before it gets any further. I have considered a rim approach but will rethink that in light of your observations.

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