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Thread: Good Routes from the East to Charleston?

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    Question Good Routes from the East to Charleston?

    Any good recommendations for routes westward from VA or NC to the National? Yeah, I know that I could take I-77, but what fun is that? I am thinking about taking VA 43 out of Altavista VA to US 60 out of Clifton Forge VA, thru the mountains to Charleston. Any comments or warnings about that route? I see a lot of little WVa towns along the way--charming or frustrating way-to-go?

    Any suggestions are welcomed-I will be rolling out of Piedmont NC,:cool:
    Onward, through the fog!

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    Thumbs up ROUTE 39

    If you're in Clifton Forge you just have to get up to Rt. 39 and travel through the Goshen Pass.

    Route 39 should be listed as one of the best motorcycle roads in the east!

    I'd back track and follow this road all the way from Rt. 11 in Lexington Va. to Rt. 19 in Summerville WV. (Summersville is a known speed trap be careful.)

    It's a great road, small - twisty - not too much traffic and a mountain or two to climb!

    It also carries you through some great little towns.

    Once in Summersville you can go south on 19 and stop at the New River Gorge and check things out at the visitors center. A very worth while 1hour stop.

    When I was on 39 yesterday 5/5/03, coming home from the N. Georgia Mtn Rally it was 38 degrees, raining and the fog was so thick you couldn't see. Got to have better weather in July!

    Good luck!

    Jason Kaplitz
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