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Thread: What makes you trade up?

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    What makes you trade up?

    In Motorcycle News, UK weekly bike newspaper, they announced that BMW will be fitting a detune HP2 Sport engine DOHC engine to the GS. Only minor cosmetic tweaks.

    But 22 bhp power boost.

    They may drop the R1200S and HP2 Megamoto which was limited run. However, a lower spec Megamoto may be moved into mass production.

    So DOHC...revving to 8750rpm rather than current GS peak at 7k. Should be fun.

    I've an 1150 GSA: by 2010 I may think of trading to a newer bike (okay probably not, I'm going for the shabby chic look and I've spent lots getting this bike just right for what I do), but 22bhp would be tempting, if I thought I'd use it.

    So what tempts you to trade in?
    Or what would it take for you to trade up?

    For me, a long distance HP2...I'll be interested in the weight figures.

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    I went from a 2000 K1200RS to a 2005 K1200S because I rode one..........I was quite happy with the RS, had the wide tire, Two Bros. exhaust, Corbin seat, Throttlemeister, hard bags, back rest for the Wifey........didn't need a new bike. I made the mistake of riding the new "S" bike, 37 more hp, 65 lbs lighter, electronic suspension adjustment, and next thing I know, the "S" is in the garage and the RS is for sale. In some ways I miss the RS, long distance comfort, smooth power from 1500 RPM on up, more classic sweeping BMW lines, but then I get on the "S" and hit some twisties and I forget all about that heavy old RS. If only I could afford more than one bike..............

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    When I got back into riding after a 20 year hiatus I chose to ride a HD. Always liked the simplicity of the design and the sound of the V twin. The lean angles on my softail forced me to ride conservatively -- it was a great bike to ride during my "re-entry" learning phase. Rode around Texas for about 35,000 miles -- everything was fine. Then I rode in the mountains for the first time last fall -- it was apparent that the bike could no longer deliver the kind of riding I wanted to do -- so I traded up to an RT and some very generous lean angles and a significantly higher fun factor.

    What would get me to trade up on the RT? Perhaps an improved LT that offers a bit more "touring" than the RT -- but it would have to have some "sport" too. I'm waiting to see what BMW does with the LT and if it's truly innovative and they get the weight down, I'll be one of the first guys taking a demo ride.

    I guess to sum it up for me, trading up could be prompted for a couple of different reasons. The first is when the bike no longer matches my riding abilities. The second is when a new offering is innovative and provides something more than my current ride does.
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    In the state of Misery for now.
    I really like it when they upgrade, now I can think about trading up to a 2007+ RT or GS, since they will be on the market and the resale will fall.
    If only I can find one with cruse and without ESA (Ohlins!) although I guess works now makes an ESA adpatable shock.

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    I've owned my R1100R for almost 10 years. It's been great and reliable.
    I rode a K1300GT in May and have wanted one since. The KGT is unlike my R in every way. I'm hooked.
    Now, it's just a matter of selling the R and finding the right KGT.
    2007 K1200GT

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    I never trade in, selling on my own. Do not like giving the bike away. I like the new BMW's but buying new? I do not know. A lot of money. I will probably stay behind the curve. My newest is a '94 oilhead. I like my '78 RS better though in many ways. I am tending retro.

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    Kids are on their own, we both are retired but fairly "comfortable". We have lot's of garage Our problem is we cannot let go of the bikes we like...had 9 at one time between the two of us and three were 1150R's (Sold two of those to H-D riders making the switch) and two H-D's. Traded my H-D for a GS from an individual and sold hers to a returning soldier from Ft Hood. I recently sold my 05 RT on consignment since we live too far away from the city for most to come by and look. Had to let it go to justify the K bike! When I swapped the 07 for the 09 GSA, it sold right away and I considered that a wash as I didn't lose anything on the deal. I gained the newer transmission and wider ratios and a few HP..and got the RED one I wanted.

    Now down to five until Helen evens it up again with the oldest one being her '95 R that got me on these goofy bikes to start with...maybe as soon as a few days with another GS as she has been shopping around. We have bought all but the latest 2 GSA's used with low miles and no issues from that method yet. The 07 GSA was my retirement gift to myself and "the last BMW I will ever buy" being heard from my mouth My latest was an '05 K12S with 3K for my 52nd birthday gift to myself...again...WOW factor on that bike is much respected.Don't think I need the 1300 upgrade trade up.
    My 2003 Dodge diesel will turn 100K in a few days and I will prob keep that one forever... two of the bikes will hit 100K next year as well with Helen's miles on them. Sure wish she liked to ride She likes her '02 1150R and does not care for the 1200 version so no trade ups there either. She also flat foots the K we share that fun as well as the 1100S...another keeper.
    Now that GSA with the HP2 engine hung in it? well...we will see...someones bound to buy one and wet his pants and have to sell it...I'll be waiting
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    I will never trade in or sell any more of my motorcycle's. Each one tells a story. I had sold my 73 /5 many year's ago. That bike had taken me all over the U.S, Canada and Mexico. I even loaded it up on a plane to Europe.
    I named the /5 Betty, after my Mom. In fact Mom actually hopped on the back and went for several long ride's. My Mom is in Heaven now. I feel that through the year's since Mom and Dad are both together. I have a strong sense of their security, watching over me when I am on the road. I miss them both so much.
    The good new's about Betty. The bike exchanged owner's several time's. One evening a close friend of mine called me to tell me he bought a bike for his wife. Low and behold he described a monza blue /5. He stated that the paint was spectacular. I then asked him if the pinstripes were missing from the toaster chrome. He had stated that there were no stripes around the chrome. I new instantly that it was Betty.
    The 73 /5 AKA, Betty is in great hand's. I see her often but, I sure do regret selling that machine.

    Take Care & Ride Safe
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    I need to trade up because my bike should be shot. Not shot as in gunned down, it should be worn out. It's an '87 K100RS with over 140kmi. I say it should be shot, but it actually runs very well. It just recently started oozing oil out of a couple places, and is due for another spline lube (due to mileage and nothing else), which makes it all but worthless, but it rides so well. I'm going out for a 50 mile twisty fest in an hour...can't wait! I'd love to be doing it a K1200S, or even a K1200RS, but hopefull by spring.

    Wish I could get $4500 cash for a clunker!

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    I plan to keep my R 1150 GS Adv so I doubt I will change up. I am looking at the fact BMWs are costing 25,000 USD so why not just get an old airhead GS such as an R 80 and turn it into a 1040 HPN with a tall 5th gear and a 11 gallon tank ? A paint scheme would easily suit the individualist child within.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Statdawg View Post
    I plan to keep my R 1150 GS Adv so I doubt I will change up. I am looking at the fact BMWs are costing 25,000 USD so why not just get an old airhead GS such as an R 80 and turn it into a 1040 HPN with a tall 5th gear and a 11 gallon tank ? A paint scheme would easily suit the individualist child within.
    Thumbs up! Like this idea. May do something along these lines. Do like the new 800GS however. Perhaps I'll buy a used one as they become available.

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    I'm the wrong guy to answer this...

    My daily rider is a '77 RS. My spare is a '77 S in RS clothing. They currently serve my purposes.

    That said, I'm sort of afraid to test ride a new motorcycle. I'm pretty sure it would cost me a bunch of money.

    From a practical standpoint, I would say items like dealer support, parts availabilty, and maybe even overall reliability of the motorcycle would drive me to upgrade.
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    I never trade. I "upgrade" . I buy another bike when I run across a steal (usually in the dead of winter). It might be any model and any year. If I like it I keep it and if I don't, I sell.

    'You can say what you want about the South, but I almost never hear of anyone wanting to retire to the North.

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    Quote Originally Posted by osbornk View Post
    I never trade. I "upgrade" . I buy another bike when I run across a steal (usually in the dead of winter). It might be any model and any year. If I like it I keep it and if I don't, I sell.

    I like this method.

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    Perhaps "trade up" is the wrong, or too precise a term. I'm using it in the sense of move from one bike to another, be that trade at a dealer, sell privately and buy, swop, exchange, or any other alternative.

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