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Thread: High Idle Throttle Sync

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    High Idle Throttle Sync

    Hello. I'm doing a throttle body sync on my '95 R11R after a careful & precise valve adjustment. I'm using a monometer for the sync. Bike is warm and I have a fan in front so it's not over heating. Throttle cables have appropriate free play. Throttle wheel is clean & free of debris. I'm having a terrible time getting it sync'd at high idle. Low idle sync is simple and easy but I can't get her sync'd on 3,000 RPM. The cross over cable sure is tricky to adjust so I'm not sure if that's where the problem lies. It seems to jump all over when I just move the cable. Bad cable? Whatever it is it sure is driving me crazy. Any suggestions sure would be appreciated.

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    Uh, not that I do my own synch, but....

    do you have engine guards that disrupt the path of the RHS cable? how old is the throttle cable- is it ready to replace? Is anyone helping you or are you trying to juggle everything?

    the pin that the valve rotates on can open up the hole it sit in and let air by on the wrong side. I have seen people spray wd40 at the TB to check for a leak there, that could be a part of it.

    I cheat and pay my dealer for this last step. Bike always runs stronger than when I try to do it myslef.

    sorry not more help


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